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  1. I would agree with all the above info. Practice Don't try to fly in NO wind too early, you will get frustrated. Practice Don't try to fly in too high a wind too early, you will end up with broken bits (centre T for me) Practice Cut the lines down, I would not cut them in half as you just end up with 2 sets the same, 18 and 32 ish is good. Practice Above all however, enjoy. Oh and be sure to let us all know how you get on.
  2. Just got some double glazing and a couple of log burners, considering staying awake this Christmas RR Hope all is good your side of the pond.
  3. Broke the T on my 4D trying that too, don't think we have too much of an exclusive club :-) Find it works on my other Prism and Sea Devil, most of the time anyway. Don't fly on sand or tarmac much though, mostly over grass. Thinking about it, yep, have 4D right beside me now, should have ordered 2 T pieces!
  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. oh dear, not me, AGAIN! At least it is coming to the UK, well done Adam.
  5. Soon be Mine, MINE, ALL MINE, HA Ha ha ha ha ha! OK, yes, I admit it, having multiple accounts and not winning for all these years is driving me a bit mad !
  6. If Lam has anything to do with it you can be sure it will be just right.
  7. I was sure this one was mine, growl. Well done Scott.
  8. On the other hand however I DO like the colour
  9. Been very tired of late. Still keep a watch in things though. Cheers RR.
  10. Just caught this one in time to say yes please RNG.
  11. Suppose this is another kite I have no chance of winning :-)
  12. Lime Green, what sort of colour is that for goodness sake! (Notice I am trying to pretend I am not interested) (Oh and please refer to my conversation on a previous thread, the RNG can not see text in brackets!)
  13. Blast, blast and blast again, another one I missed out on. Oh well, always a next time. And there always is with Kitelife, yAy Kitelife! Well done Kevin, hope you have fun with it.
  14. More like many numbers enter, only one remains :-)
  15. No, couldn't do that. It is closed season on kite flyers.
  16. Well it is getting warmer here at last. And have to do lots of reloading so I can return fire when the hunters come looking. I have one of those Trespasser signs down the track from the cave Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again :-)
  17. Hi Guys, hope you are all OK. Hi RNG, not ANOTHER Rev for goodness sake, isn't there anything else in your store you can put up to win. (Note my change in tactic from completely ignoring the forum, let alone this thread for a time. To deliberately provoking the RNG by pretending not to like Revs. Clever and sneaky wot? Oh and it is true the RNG can not read stuff typed inside () marks isn't it?)
  18. Well besides concentrating hard on trying to Hibernate, and despite the great distance I think I have managed to get a dose of whatever was wrong with JB a while ago. Spent almost the whole of last Week in bed, mainly asleep. Temp abouve 40 feeling REALLY rotten. Hardly eating anything and trying to be at least partly civil to the kind friends who had asked how I was. Fairly happy to be getting back to my more normal grumbly self now. Going to work Tomorrow for the first time since last Monday. Missed out on most of the Snow, it has all washed away from here now.
  19. I was thinking it looks a bit wrinkled and the leading edges were a bit bent :-)
  20. Well John has not been in contact yet so presume I missed out on this One too. Quite fancied it actually. Yep, just looked at the posts above and someone called Kody has won it. Hey John, you look after yourself OK, that Man Flu can be rough. At least you only had to press the button Once so was not TOO much effort. And Wayne, you give that LOM a good shake. Maybe the main spring is overwound? Suppose I ought to say congrats to Kody too. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Kody, hope you thrash it as hard as Wayne will be thrashing his LOM
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