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  1. Cheers Chris. At first i thought it was going to be boring but it was interesting. Good one. Derek.
  2. Mike. not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but be carefull if you use two part epoxy. When you put your ferrul? into your rod, with epoxy on it, there is a slight build up of pressure inside the rod. So, if you shove the ferrul in say, half way, the pressure will tend to push it out. honestly,believe me it does. . What i do now is, put my rod on the table and weight it down. Insert my ferrul half way, and but something up against the end. Anything will do, but i tend to use an upturned plate. If you dont do that, you could come back in half an hour and you have 1 inch in your rod and two inch sticking out, all nicely glued together(once again Its ok if the rod is open each end to start with, but its when you fix your second ferrul that the trouble starts Hope im not too late with this Derek.
  3. What a lovely lady; hope i'm as spritly at her age Derek.
  4. Eyup Patrick Yes i did inform Baloo about the flying qualities of Batty, but he insisted in having it. Stubborn old bear . Baloo. If all else fails, just have batty as a conversation piece on the wall . Derek.
  5. Eyup Baloo. Just seen this topic today. Yes, SKITCH showed my a load of pics which were very helpfull when i made batty, especially the small details . Now then, i only flew batty a couple of times so i did'nt have time to sort it out but from what i saw, it could do with a less bendy cross spar, and as you say, a lot less brake. Also, if you stop the vid at 4.40, i think the kite has just a bridge connecting the two wings at the top. I dont think its got any ripstop inbetween? the wings and the head. Whilst i cant do anything now as you have got batty, if you need anything to make it fly better, i have it all; just ask. I have rods about the size of sle rods; i have connectors, and end caps to fit; white and light blue ripstop; dacron. The only thing i dont have is the plastic tube to fit the cross, and down tubes. So, if you need owt you can have it, just pay postage. Sorry i cant be more help, but i hope you stick at it. Derek. PS. If you should try and convert it to single line, i could ask on kitebuilder, as to how to bridle the beast
  6. SKITCH. Glad i could help And here is where to get it in UK. http://www.michaeldark.co.uk/floral-suppli...ASISSprayColour Derek.
  7. Kathy. The knot, where the cross bridle and the two down bridles meet, is a bit funny if you have not put one together before. Just make sure you have the old bridle at hand when you put the new one together, so you can look at the old knot and make sure you do the new knot the same. http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/26668...101221756GmtFgQ Derek.
  8. Try this http://www.gwtw-kites.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=37279
  9. Dorsal. Thanks pm sent. Derek.
  10. Ive just built quad, and it turned out a bit like a Spirit quad. I know it would,nt be the same measurments, but can anybody show me some pics of the Spirit bridle just to give me some idea of what goes where and what connects to what. PM if its better for you. http://links.pictures.aol.com/pic/5b50CHAK...Qp5Fd3Ig=_l.jpg Thank you. Derek.
  11. Theresa. Got it. Hope you can work my reply out And you get better soon. Derek.
  12. Any body seen Theresa about lately Not answering emails. Derek.
  13. Yes, but we in UK cant get DM. Its made in USA and cant be shipped because of regulations Derek
  14. Cheers all. Yes as JB said, you can make em but dont sell em. If anybody starts that game it could come back on all of us. Anyway, the USA/UK flag rev=. Icarex pc31 Skyshark p200 (i know JB does,nt like p200, but each to his own ) I started of with a full white sail, sewed the blue and red on, then cut away the white from the back of the blue and red. And even if i do say it myself; it looks pretty good Flying vids when wuferlady can use the camara without shakin all over the place Anybody else got pics of there home made jobs?. Derek
  15. SORRY, OFF TOPIC. PENNY. If ever you come to Yorkshire UK, you can borrow this one. But be gentle with it. Its very precious to me. Regards. Derek. SORRY OUTSYNC BACK TO TOPIC NOW.
  16. http://inlinethumb07.webshots.com/15238/27...S600x600Q85.jpg http://inlinethumb63.webshots.com/14206/29...S600x600Q85.jpg Syruss. Two sails a made. I dont think rev will object.( Imitation is the highest form of flattery) and all that. Derek.
  17. wufer

    B Series

    I got an EXP sail only from kiteworld.co.uk You might try them. Derek.
  18. Imagine my surprise when i googled "wufer" and found this post on the net. MMMM. Makes you think dont it. Derek
  19. If it were me i would tie another overhand knot on the pigtail of the kite about 3 inch in from the end of the longest line and larkshead my longesr line to that knot. So what you end up with on the kite;; one pigtail withe one original knot,, and one pigtail with the original knot plus a knot about 3 inch further in towards the kite.<< larkshead your long line to this. Makes sense? mmmm Derek
  20. Two winders One red (right) One black Top of both handles around spick Wind out lines from handles to kite When i get to kite, the short line is Allways the top one Job done. Derek.
  21. ant man. If you go to John Mitchell,s web; he has a load of pics of his revs and right at the bottom there is a vented 1.5 with mylar panals.Looks good. Derek
  22. wufer

    My REV1

    Watty. Flying r/c helicopters is just like flying revs; its relitively easy to learn to fly BUT its hard to fly WELL. Baloo. Iknow just what you meen mate. ant man. Had a bit of trouble to start with. The damb thing would not fly good at all. It would not stop on a drop-stop .. when i was flying left or right it was hard to turn, in fact it was a right sod to fly. Then i found out what was wrong.When i built the bridle, i put the knots on both the upper and lower pigtails the same distance out from the bridle(about five inch) Then out of desperation, i tied some new knots one inch out from the bridle on the lower pigtails and Bingo, fixed it. I didnt have enough brake to start with and putting the knots one inch from the bridle gave me a lot more brake.So now it flys like it should do. But from what ive seen in this and other forums it might fly even better with vents in. Mmmmmmm. JB. Thank you. v You can just see both knots in this pic. Regards. Derek.
  23. wufer

    My REV1

    Just for you Penny. Its HMS Bounty. I made this about 25 years ago (yes 25 years ago so showing my age now !!!). Its mostly made of mahogany and took me about a year to make. HMS Bounty was made in Hull, Yorkshire.(my county) And beleave me; its much easier building rev,s than a model like this. Hope you like. Regards. Derek.
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