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  1. Sidsol

    for sale

    yeah but i wanted to show that they have sticks and are taught with them. AGAIN... these kites are in good shape and i can go out and fly them no problem. i stand by that =p if its a concern and your a serious buyer i can send video of me unwrapping and putting together =P
  2. Sidsol

    for sale

    Would like to sell as B1's as a package Steve.. but willing to part out the collection kite by kite.. ill respond to PM's make me an offer guys ... I am trying to make sure these kites go to a good place they served me well in my adventure of kiting . Hell even got me to buy a 60 foot octopus at one point.
  3. Sidsol


  4. Sidsol

    for sale

    yeah i am the type of person i would get back into the sport with the newest and latest..... I am keeping most of display kites ... Gomberg kites are rares. unfortunately my camera was acting weird ... 1 B1 with ultralight sticks (red/black) 1 B1 mid vent race sticks (red/black) 1 B1 full vent regular sticks (red/black) 1 SLE with professional vertical sticks 1 Rev II original All are just kite , all kites are well taken care of and not damaged but have been used in several demos. 1 set of regular long controls 1 set of short controls 1 set of spectra string 1 extra set of Race sticks been out of the kite game so I am willing to take offers (I hope pictures come out
  5. Sidsol

    for sale

    don't want to break any rules ,,, i remember back in the day they had a for sale section ,, i don't see that on newsite. just wanted to sell my collection off since I no longer have the time to fly.
  6. On the phot it has who took it ..think it was John's roomate. I haven't found many Zilker photos out there to be honest. I saw one and I do not remember the site ..I think it was a personal site. Anyways it was great meeting you and look forward to meeting you again.I have a couple of heavy lifters now I play with now. hehehe..Still no Fighter kite probably because fighter kites kill me.
  7. http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue53/zilker07/index.htm Scroll down and its the red and black B-series =p
  8. Hey Ant..I am next ...its all mine!!1
  9. I was flying my new Red B-series at our Zilker Park Kite Festival in Austin... I left it out for others to try and I had no complaints about it at aall..it was a much loved kite. The two Modified Revs at that show gave it a good run for its money.
  10. GRATZ!!!!! it looks really cool
  11. I love qauds " gives John a stare"
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