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    Rev 1.5, Benson Outerspace, Flexifoil Stack(6'x3), Rev Supersonic, X-Bow & Passion
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    PCs (HW+SW), Photography & Digital Imaging, Inline skating, Audiophilia, Travelling & Kiting (doh)
  1. Traveller

    The Microkite

    Hi2all Long time no write, to be sure, but I have to admit I've been slacking off a bit on my kite flying... I mentioned this kite in another forum and I hence came across my old thread, caught up on it and thought I'd stop by to let you all know that as far as I can tell, Alfred's no longer making kites... His American dealer (see link to website, above) did list one more kite in stock. I know that $90 sounds over the top, but I still have mine and it goes everywhere I go! I still highly recommend this kite so please, one of you should bite the proverbial bullet and pick up that last microkite. It may indeed really be the last one... p.s. Hope the mods and vets are all grand and FWIW, I still have my all my Revolutions, HQ trick / precision kites, not to mention my all-time favorite Tim Benson Outerspace
  2. Traveller

    Benson's Airbow

    Hi2all, yeah, I know it's been quite a while since I've last "attended" the forums but I'm still around and thought I'd ask about the Airow again now that some time has gone by & it must have seen a lot more airtime since my original post I just got back from Miami where the winds were so strong that my 1.5 never left it's bag and my SS was singing one loud tune, lol! Hope everyon'e doing fine & enjoying springtime :-) cheers!
  3. Traveller

    I 'm a Quadlified REV 1.5 SLE Pilot

    Yep, the aforementioned Gang of Quads make quadding pretty much irresistable
  4. Traveller

    Subscriber status!

    Congrats, John! Keep up the great work
  5. Traveller

    Of nailfiles, spars & other WMDs...

    Hey, John - thx for the pointers Ah... what do you mean by "reinforced", exactly? Do you have btw, a locking mechanism* on your kitebag? *And no, a $5 micro-padlock doesn't count...
  6. As an amateur kite flyer I've never travelled [by air] with my full kitebag for fear of customs problems & other hassles - like how to safely get your bag on & off an airplane (& the SOBs that maul your luggage for a living). I however always take a Rev or two with me! Since they are just slightly longer than my largest suitcase, I carry them on board the plane. Well, I've taken them to the U.S. three times (post 9/11) as well as a few EU destinations w/o incident. That is, until my return from Malaga (S. Spain) where the baggage-control personnel got all bent out of shape about this mystery bag. They opened my Rev 1.5 bag up & after one of the employees consulted the head-security dude (some guy wearing a green military-like shirt w/ matching cap & get this, pilot-style Ray-bans... ), they told me I couldn't take the two spreader* spars onboard... What were they thinking, that I was carrying around this ah, ninja-like weapon (poison-tipped darts, anyone?)... Or maybe they thought it could be used as a hi-velocity projectile, what do I know. *but the SLE spars were ok... So long story short, I dashed back to the ticket counter & begged the agent to "tag" my two spars as luggage (cargo) & dashed back just in time for boarding. When I went to collect my luggage at my destination there were [of course] no spars in sight.... I went ahead & placed a claim but 24hrs later & the tracking agent told me no one's reported it in yet... So, what to do if you're on a short trip & have no plans to take your entire bag-o-tricks along...? Mabe put the Rev(s) in one of those round packing-tubes (used by artists, architects, etc)?
  7. Traveller

    shokwave endcap loops

    Well my all-new (with mylar panels) SS has the same LE caps as the one depicted above. And what a shame, here I am on the "Costa Del Sol" (Spain) with nothing but my 1.5SLE & the winds are nearing the 25Knot marker... boohoohoo, waaaaah Next time, I'm taking all my Revs with me!!! Buenas Tardes,
  8. Traveller

    List of Quads

    [repost...] Woah, that's one funky lookin' quad But the real question's how does the Flame perform...? Come to think of it, all of WFD's kites are pretty funky lookin' (luv that fighter!) ah ...but cheap they ain't...
  9. Traveller

    The kiss of Revth...

    Kewl Thx much for the info! I will call my dealer, Helmut Georgi @ FlyHigh today & tell him I need a [Rev] fix!!! "Call Lolly now - I need some of the really good sh*t, duuude!!!"
  10. Traveller

    The kiss of Revth...

    Woah ...there seems to be no limit to the number of custom Rev2s! While everyone on my block appreciates the 1.5SLE w/o question, seems that everyone wants a Rev2 none the less in their kite bag...! Maybe Revolution Kites should consider bringing it back into production
  11. Traveller

    Great Fighter-Kite Site!

    Yes, well, I realize that not too many members have mastered the German language, but hey ...the pics are kewl too Gerhard's & Daniela's Kight-fighter World
  12. Traveller

    The Microkite

    Well, 60EUR ~$70- (excl. shipping, I imagine). That might sound like a lot for a "minature" - but each & every one are hand made, & tested by Fredl himself. If he doesn't like the way it flys, it becomes a "mobile" & is sold for a lot less - as a mobile.
  13. Traveller

    The Microkite

    Hi, I've asked Fredl to "stop by" the forums, so plz stay tuned! You might also want to try "locally" by contacting Miniature Kite Designs in Boston/MA, Mr. Glenn Davison: phone +1-781/937-0799 or email They may have some in stock & can tell you what colors are in stock, etc. Keep in mind of course that they are all handmade by Fredl himself & so don't expect to find that Boston has 100 in stock... greetz from Vienna
  14. Traveller

    The kiss of Revth...

    Yep, it certainly is, but all the Rev II experts ( ) in my 'hood can't tell the difference (and believe me, they are really good - enough to give pros like you John, a run for your money :-p) As for the other Rev2 wannabe, there is no gauze AFAIK - he just extended the fabric from the leading edge. When I asked them why, they were just too lazy to go through the effort.... In case you're wondering why they made their own Revs, well the answer is simple - they are full-time students (& hence, low in the $ department). I personally can't comment 'cause I'm still an Rev apprentice (& actually need wind to fly the SUL... )
  15. Traveller

    The kiss of Revth...

    A couple of Quad Buddies were out this past weekend doin' their thang & I had my shiny-new Sony DSC-V1 on hand & snapped a few shots