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  1. Some interesting insights here. This is my contribution. Get a mid vent of some sort, you won't regret it. In fact, all the official solutions work very well. In team we fly the Barresi mid vent, personally i love the Polo mid vent and of course if you like Flowers on your Kite we can make you a mid vent with the new printed mesh. The reason i would personally (and it is a personal choice) take one of the printed mid vent options is because i like the feel of the single skin sail. It is just as effective at the upper end of the wind range but feels to me a little more responsive at the bottom end. There is seriously not much difference in weight between the Barresi, Pro or the singe skinbut to me it feels a little slicker. Of course the only true answer to which is the best kite is, the one you are flying at the time! Just to muddy the water a bit more, why not create a custom design and we will get it made made for you! Stephen www.baidesign.net
  2. Could be something called a Blokart. Try here
  3. My view is that you use the right tool for the job. The Rev site is a manufactures forum and so it seems appropriate that the content is steered in certain directions and not commenting negatively on their product seems just good manners, especially as there are other places where the comments would fit better. However, i think that this is a good thing. After all, i wouldn't invite my friends round to dinner and then let them complain about my wife's cooking. (i save that for pub!) Kitelife is aimed at a much broader kiting audience and so it seems sensible that you will get a broader range of opinions. There is another forum based in the UK which aims mostly at sport kite/trick fliers and that site has a different feel again. http://fracturedaxel.co.uk/phpbb3/ I would imagine that most kite enthusiasts visit a range of forums. Just like eating out, you visit a lot of restaurants but some you go back to more often cause you really like the food. So i guess that was long winded way of saying I agree on the whole. I don't entirely agree about the bit about Rev fliers having no sense of humour and if you say that again i will take my ball away! ps, i prefer to think of the Rev forum as focused rather than narrow minded. So what about the other kite forums?
  4. That wear pattern is typical of another leading edge running over that part of bridle. This would happen if you have been flying team/pairs and trying to fly kisses. As mentioned before the best thing is to replace that part of the bridal. Kiteworld are certainly worth a call but if you are feeling a little brave why not try making a new one yourself. You need to get some line the same as the existing stuff and just copy the other side. Should take about 30 minutes. If you want to keep flying in the short term why not swap in the EXP bridle. It a simple enough job if you do one side at a time. Stephen
  5. Hi Wen, nice idea and I think your kite choice should work really well. There is a mass of advice on team and pair flying and I am sure some one can point you in the direction of the old posts. Try flying the STACK compulsory figures to start with as they are clearly explained and in short sections that are easy to learn. For me one of the most important things is communication. Decide on who is responsible for what and then trust each other to do a good job. You may decide one of you is going to call, the other decide what the correct set up should be. Help each other learn by keeping your feedback constructive ie don't say " you always turn down there when you should turn up" rather try "I noticed you turned down that time rather than up, shall we look at that move again?" The other thing that I have found to be vital is to learn the routine first. It is far easier to spend an hour practicing with kite sticks and really knowing the routines than trying to work it out on the field. In my experience, if you "fudge" a move when you are stick practicing, you will also have problems flying the move. 30 mins stick practice is worth 1 hr practice when you are learning a routine. Take the flying seriously, give it 100% but don't forget you are having fun. ps sorry this is a bit rambly but you have asked a big question and it is difficult to know where to start.
  6. My first guess on the first one is that it is a Spectra Sport Edge.
  7. On the Rev I would suggest checking your line set first. Are all the lines the same length? Also a really silly question but I have seen it, make sure the down spars are on the back of the kite. Having them the wrong way around would also give the performance issues you described.
  8. Stephen Hoath

    Ballet Kite

    It certainly helps to have a range of kites and lines so you are always flying in the optimal wind range. As for the Silver Fox, go for it. It is an excellent kite. I think there is a misconception that expensive = quality on all ocasions. Whilst it's not a bad rule of thumb, the Silver Fox is the exception that proves the rule.
  9. I think you have started a new question here. What was the best festival you nearly went to? As for Columbia, i have seen some of the photo's and that has got to rank high on the list of "largest crowd" and "worst possible place to fly kites". Malaysia was worth the trip 'cause we won, but I got food poisoning on the plane on the way home! I felt a little churlish to complain too much. What is the best festival in Canada?
  10. When I was competing in dual line we went to Malaysia for the weekend! Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  11. I have just re-read my original reply and I may have been a little touchy about the whole issue. So, many thanks for your interest and I hope we can get the stuff to the US at a better price soon. As a matter of interest, what is the price range for sport kites in the US right now?
  12. Dave, you have my thanks. Next time you're in Europe I'll buy you a drink!
  13. The reversing into the center of the window is an excellent tip. In addition, try walking slowly in the direction of the reverse flight.
  14. These are just perfect. A great job Bazzer. how about..... He thinks he's in charge! My other kites a Cappelli
  15. Yes you could build one in about an hour (of course I would prefer you not too but with anything new (soft kites, sport kites, new tricks) the time outlay is in the idea, prototype development and production. It has taken me just under 2 years to get this thing nailed down and so you can see why I get a little sulky with comments like above even when they are well intentioned as I believe this one to be. However, this is a whole other area of conversation that is better off in another thread as it involves so many people and views. As for the kite, I have a better challenge for you. As kite manufacture is something you enjoy, try and push kites on by making some thing new. After all, where would be if everyone simply copied the North Shore Radical rather than pushing it to the next level. Without Don Tabor and TOTL where would we be with dual line kites? You never know, if you come up with something good I might buy one
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