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  1. I prefer the east coast format. Being judged by the ones you are flying against. In all the hot tricks I have been in while some of the decisions were tough to call, I have always felt they were fair calls. If it is a trick based event it should be judged by people that understand the tricks involved. Open individual freestyle could be judged by the general crowd as it is more of an entertainment style of flying I think. Costumes, props, ect...
  2. Great looking kites. I love the Shiva, what a super kite. Glad to see you all getting the team going strong. looks great. Hope to see you all in action at an event soon.
  3. Autrey

    Team Kites

    Lets get this thing moving. Who is Team flying? What kites are you using for Team flying? Also what kind of line sets? Doz GuyZ We use the STX 2.3 along with Blueline usualy on 125ft of 140-200lb Blue line
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