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  1. Unless the elastic is actually sewn to the dacron loop at the end of the LE pocket, you might be better off ditching it and replace it with a a suitable elastic loop. Doubled or larksheaded through the dacron loop and then stretched over the nock. No knots or melting required. A discard bicycle inner tube and razor/X-Acto blade would yield a healthy supply of such elastics. ATB, Sam
  2. Instead of taking up or letting out line with your hands, you can increase and decrease line tension by sweeping your arm (different from the forbidden leg sweep ) . Not quite 11:00 yet, but let's go to the video.... Like idea of a passthrough wand, but think I would be immediately replace the split ring with a solid stainless ring. Prohibitively expensive at marine supply stores.... but lower spec ones are fairly cheap at the big box "hardware" stores. ATB, Sam
  3. Don't know why, but I have yet to see a picture of the 61/49 that does it justice. In person, it is just as much art as kite. Lithe is on a long list of words to describe it. ATB, Sam
  4. And you made me smile every time you landed it on the "Staff" and "Kite Store" tents. Some pretty impressive side slides considering the lack on wind on Sunday. DOH!! That's explains why I couldn't identify it. Should have just asked you what it was, instead of going bald scratching my head. Very pretty SUL. Sam
  5. Have not seen them flying.... But now you have lost me. Are you looking for kites for a particular event? Kids? Red, white & blue? How many kites are you looking for? What kind of price? Have you considered Parafoils? Both Premier & GFAK make patriotic ones... not sure about size or how they would fly on a stick. However, if they get dragged, you don't have to worry about broken spars, and they probably meet you pack down small requirements. Details? Sam
  6. VIP... even for someone that's not overly fond of white sail designs, that sure is purdy. Sam
  7. Inexpensive. (@ $3.99 per) 4-inch wingspan All mylar sail so I expect the color vibrancy to be accurate. If I had to guess, micro-carbon frame. Hard time finding retailers, but they are available directly at: http://www.xkitesshop.com/mini_microlite.html Descriptions on that page are wrong, but detail pages are correct. Flyability=unknown, but at worst that means they make for a pretty desk ornament Let me know if I have left anything out. Sam
  8. Alas no... they are made by a company called XKites. Any creative inclinations would probably lean towards dual-lines at this point. Sam
  9. Crikey, I love the double-tail. prismatic mylar anyone? Sam
  10. It does explain your fondness of the Bai. My current object of SLK whimsy is a 3D dragon kite with a 26" wingspan. We should get you some mini-Butterfly kites (4" wingspan) for when you are trying to travel liight Footnote: I say this as a charter member of the Honorable Order of the Kitchen Sink & Aching Back (now there's a coat of arms for you). Sam
  11. indigo_wolf

    Butterfly Kites

    Mini Mylar Butterfly Kites
  12. Thanks Roy... you know all the time you were posting on Patty's forum, I never understood your "Must fly" sig line. And then I got interested in kites.... Sam
  13. I would almost certainly take a purple. However, it's more likely I would just buy miultiple kites. With regards to the two reds: Although they appear similar side by side, when you take them into a graphics package and put them on seperatre layers, the difference is much more noticable. The difference probably increases under different light conditions and when backlit. It's actually scary how many of the colors I like because of the unique panel layout of the kite. Thankfully you didn't make the choice harder by offering color options for other portions of the sail. Are you likely to take any custom color orders(with an upcharge, if necessary)? Sam
  14. Stephen: Thanks for taking my information. Sam
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