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    Mamba, Tricktail, FXUL, Ghost Pyro
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    1997.. renued interest to addictict 2000
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    Blue Moon kites, and a few others. Love SLK's too<br /><br />Director of a mental health clubhouse.<br /><br />Love cats, dogs & birds
  1. Penny, if you were as computer literate as you are Rev literate you would be scary Your icon looks great to me.. Many smiles, debbie
  2. Happy Birthday Deb. Hope it's a good one. See you at National's. BB Penny

  3. Steve still has his Tori Tako Eagles.. we get them out once in awhile, they are great old kites. The light colored one used to be as bright as the red one but has spent many hours in the sky and is sun faded now. I hope you find what you are looking for.. some days are just meant for the old school kites.. Take care, debbie
  4. gorgeous kite John.. I always knew Dave had "good taste" in kites.. this really proves it Take care, debbie
  5. Tomorrow night, (April 25th) Evening Magazine is having a special on Northwest kite flyers.. we saw the preview tonight and Steve is pretty sure he saw John Barresi & Moon.. there was a 4 man team shown too.. 7pm channel 5 (KING TV) in the Seattle area.
  6. Thanks for the link.. making a Cody is on my list of things to do Just trying to get my nerve up but I think it will be a great winter project. Take care, debbie
  7. Hey John.. I just posted a reply to Penny 3/10/05 at 8:17pm our time and the forum says I posted march 11th at 4am... wha gives? Did you move away to Jamacaor somewhere? Smiles to you, debbie
  8. Hi Penny.... we are having a indoor fly here at the beach April 2nd at the Ocean Shores Elementary school, we would love to see you here.. it's been way too long.. we miss your sunshiney face Come see us! Hugs to you, debbie
  9. I may still have a manual.. it might be for the hawaiian but aI have a maui too.. Send me your smail mail addy and I will gwet something in th amil to you. The maui is a great old kite.. I bought mine for my grandaughter.. Take care, debbie oyehut1955@yahoo.com
  10. keeping your body fcing the dorection you want thr kite to go is important too.. I would not thik that the Elixer would be a great side slider anyway tho but I could be wrong. Easiest for me is the Mamba or AirFX. Keep trying debbie
  11. hahaahaahhh that was way too funny!! Thanks for sharing Take care, debbie
  12. Steve and I will be there early friday afternoon. Hey does anyone know how the ferry runs? Is there a online schedule? Were going to have all our Ken kites in tow for Mr Boomertypes photo shoot too I am really looking forard to this. Whidbey is such a beautiful place I can't wait to fly up there. See you all there.. debbie
  13. here is a pic of the Firedart.. actually just trying out the new uploader Thanks John! debbie
  14. Hi John, Wow is all I can say!! That Big Brother is simply Gorgeous! I only fly the Lil Sis once a year or so on special occassions, mostly cause its too hard to replace the sticks. Yep the Firedart has the old frame in it. The sail is in excellent condition too. I flew it last fall up in Moclips. I got all the wy upe and realized I had forgot my kites but the trusty old dart was behind the seat to save the day. I bought it for my Grandaughter but she preferrs the old Slingshot out of all my kites. Happy Memorial Day! debbie
  15. I am going to be selling some kites that don't see any airtime. There won't be any of Kens kites. It is going to take me a couple days to get the descriptions & prices together but if there is something you are interested in feel free to email me.. Pro Wren $150. sold Trilby's $50 Maui $40 Firedart $40 Prophecy $175 sold Legacy $75 sold Zerostar UL $175 sold C3 UL $100 sold Hawaiian $100 sold Rev 1.5 SLE Mylar version $135 shipped includes Lineset, handles & video sold pictures can be seen in the webshots link below. debbie oyehut1955@yahoo.com Ocean Shores "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that string" http://community.webshots.com/user/oyehut1955.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited
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