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  1. Balo my friend, Can you truly have too many B's. Do you? I don't. Sadly they don't last forever. If there was a B every time I would stay signed up for that alone. Keep it up JB.
  2. Good job Rhonda! Thanks again for the tails Duane they looked so great. Great day all round. We will have to do it again soon. Spring is official as of an hour ago so the weather should hold for awhile too.
  3. I am going flying with Duane today so I will let you know how many babes he draws into the camp. His lovely wife Rhonda will also be there so I will not have all the competition once he draws them in. Now if I could only remember why we are doing this ?????????????? Oh yea.. fly kites!
  4. I only mention this because I have done it. Double check to make sure each rod is pushed all the way into the others. If they aren’t the result is a longer and much weaker leading edge.
  5. This sounds interesting. I tried to find a video but could not. Perhaps you could make one to see. Even a picture or 2 would be nice.
  6. Fun day indeed! You did great! After the first time jitters you were like an old pro. I hope we get to do it again soon. The Guru got to try several new thing. He did VERY well on a Blast and I think he fell in love with a full vent. Phone pics are ok. Next time I'll bring a camera.
  7. Gee, I wonder who I could find to show me how to fly this when I win??
  8. Ok take some breaks. You only need about a a few seconds per hour to put together a real one of a kinder.
  9. Hey what are you guys trying to do to me. I went back and looked again and again and the flower never moved. You need to stay there until it moves. However, what a great video. I love the ones with new and different "objects" in them to play with. Great flying too.
  10. Duane, I feel like 45% of flying in a group or team is controlling your speed in any direction. Then 45% is being able to hold the kite still at any angle. I think I will add in another 5% for being able to fly in reverse. Days could be spent refining these numbers but as you can see this only leaves a small amount for learning things like the Cuban figure 8. If you simply have control of your kite then you can fly with anyone. You can try to pick an object in distance like a tree or cloud. Hold the kite nest to it as long as you can. Do this over and over with the kite at different angles. (you never know which kite you will be in the next ball) Try flying to it from different places in the sky at different speeds. I know that it is very easy when you fly alone to let the wind determine the speed of the kite but you have to be able to fly at all speeds regardless of the wind which I might add I need lots of work on. When it becomes work, stop! fly like you like to.
  11. Choccy, Although I was looking forward to it I never got the opportunity to introduce Duane to anyone. The first time I saw him was as he and his lovely wife were checking into the hotel. I let him know where I would be and let him finish his business. Later we ran into each other and he was on his way to lunch. I let him know where Ben was set up where the demos were and where groups of us would be flying when he got back. That was the last time I saw Duane! It sounds like he had a great time on his own. I think most people at TI are very outgoing and like Duane said, all he needed to do was say hello to a Rev flyer and it takes a life of its own.
  12. Duane, It was great to see you and put a finally face to the name. I wish I had known you were right behind us I could have come back and chatted longer. Your not so far away so some weekend you will have to let me know where you are flying and we can get together. Flying with one other person is a great start and practice for flying with a group. You can just fly around and I will follow to start which gets you used to having another kite next to yours in the sky. Then you can follow which will give you the opportunity to practice the speed control needed. That is half the battle. Before long you will be comfortable enough to join in any group. Most folks at TI were flying 90# 120' lines which are standard for most kite gatherings. If you only have 2 or 3 people and limited space the 80's you have will do just fine for practice. When you finally do go to 120s it will only be that much easier. I'm glad you had such a good time. Next year............................................
  13. I'll be looking up so, you better tap me on the shoulder. I know how you feel flying alone. 99% of my flying is solo which is a big reason I enjoy making it to TI each year. The biggest reason is probably to see face to face so many people that I enjoy reading about on the Rev forum all year. It's like running in to a heard of old friends each year.
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