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  1. depends what year it was made... the deca guru is Rob Banks a.k.a thief you can catch him over gone with the wind forum or hit him up at windswept kites
  2. Also another area to look for items for heads for kite stakes are gift shops.. any thing like Eiffel tower, lady liberty just about any thing that has a base that can be drilled and taped can be made into a kite stake... be creative old steering wheel Brodie knobs in Lucite works too check e-bay under shift knobs also I saw knitting needles used as stake shafts with custom heads and come in many different colors and sizes
  3. What are the stakes themselves made of? Drill Shafts, huge nails?, tent stakes??? Inquiring minds want to know! :? aero... hardware stores like home depot has round stock in metal. alum. brass and copper and I keep the shafts at 12 inches... alum is nice to work with and keeps the weight down... on soft metal like brass I like to keep as short as I can 8" to 10" to keep it stiff any longer than that tends to bend 1/4 brass
  4. dean; The Chacmol is the light wind model of wasp family and no they can't "do" all the tricks of today but they do have a certain trick style { more old school} Miguel just came out with a new model... the name escapes me now but looks like it had a deeper keel design {maybe more tricks} and still has the wasp sound... I love my wasp and it's nice to get away from all the filp-floppy every now and then
  5. the most ? I get when I buggy is," how fast can you go with that thing" part of the answer ........ and it all depends how far the hosiptal is
  6. kite slinger

    Genki plan

    Try the kite builders forum....... http://www.kitebuilder.com/kitestudio.html plenty of "other" plains too
  7. suttons ,Gomberg lifters or Peter lynns lifters, codys, Jorden 100 and word has it 200 coming soon , air sleds, roks at 6'+ sizes...... Rope or line can vari from 500 pounds and upwards
  8. one more shot to take might be http://www.mini-kites.org/
  9. heres the contact thats on my micro kite case Skylines Drachensport tele+43-(0)699-1007 6880 fax =43-(0)1-4 789 365 e-mailskylines@gmx.at www.drachensport.com made in Aus. taken by it size needs a whole lot of wind to fly..like 12+and up good luck! I'm looking for Joann Weber mini's contact info if any body might have it
  10. I use to have one ...it was a love /hate relationship ,some days it did crazy tricks and was able to control it ..other days it was the demon were I just wanted to leave it on the beach and go home..... One just sold on GWTW forum for a 150.00
  11. Taped as in I thread the rods 1/2 to 3/4 depends on the depth of the heads the heads some are resin and I drill that out as the same size so the rods have a tight fit and or add some JB weld so you won't loose your head then fine point the tips like a bullet once again up to 1" or if I really want to 2" so that's 3/8ths to zero is quite a deadly tip then polish the t6061 rod to a fine mirror finish. Then other Gun cylinders are milled in the same T6061 as spec. to the real ruger blackhawk, 45, 357 etc. except these have a sealed bearing with a threaded race to except the rod and the head spins in either direction i don't make the heads themselves just put the two together the James Hatfield {MATELICA} design "scary guy" will set you back 300.00 if your lucky {and know were to find them} up to 800.00 for a autograph head. the others work from 50.00 to a 100.00 bucks[retail] just for the head and higher for limited runs but having everything kustom from your kitestake, handles and your kite is priceless most of the ones I did I give away as prizes ,awards and as gifts I have other ones but are to naughty to list
  12. some of my kustom made stakes...... http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/...072413283NdSbCR mine are drilled and taped, the rods are 3/8ths T6061 alum. to keep the weight down and theres a monkey in there I believe
  13. My GMC cargo van is full of kites, {at lease 2 } buggys + 4 more at home, full quiver of power kites KGBs SLKs, SUL, zero, quads ,banners, high wind venteds ground displays, fighters + I live 2 miles from the beach in central california{Monterey Bay} ready for what ever kind of wind or lack of Down time? maybe fix or repair or make custom kite related items buy more kites Some say I suffer from insanity.....but I enjoy every min. of it
  14. What deca were you looking for some of my decas and quads photos can be seen here. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/...072413283hkkRiL if you need some extra help just let me know
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