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  1. Hi Johnnyrebel, I have some start up kites, but they do not compare to the HQ Phoenix Supreme I have (I won it in a subscribers raffle here at Kitelife). It just flies so smooth and nice. The roar with strong winds is impressive and attracts a lot of attention. HQ kites are very good. I hope you enjoy your kite. Have a good day Jorge
  2. That young lady is in the right path of life!! Congratulations Jorge
  3. I feel my luck is in the right path, Im going to win this one!!!! Odds of winning for this prize is currently 1/206, and will be drawn on August 10th, 2006! http://www.kitelife.com/prizes/gallego48/index.htm
  4. You all are wasting your time, this one is going to be mine . Time to upgrade from the Phoenix Supreme I won about two years ago ( http://www.kitelife.com/prizes/phoenix-pyro38/index.htm ) Give up now and dont be dissapointed when I win. Jorge
  5. Hi Dorsal, this is the only forum Im a member of. I spent most of my time out of the web. I think it was important for me to point this out, many people is in need. Im not even from USA, Im Mexican and live in Mexico, but I consider this a thing not to forget. Hi Jones, We import products from USA and some of our suplliers are asking for a voluntarious donation to the red cross which can be redeemed as a discount on the next purchase. Maybe this could work. Have a good day Jorge
  6. Hi, I can t believe I haven´t read anything here about this. Just to remind you all that we are very lucky to have our health, family and house. Donate now to any of the charities helping in the Gulf Coast, for an easier way go to amazon.com and donate on the link to the American Red Cross. Let´s help now, save for the cigarretes, beer, sodas or kiteline we would be buying this month and send this money to them. Thank you for your attention. Jorge
  7. The DVD I can recommend, how about "Gone with the wind", I think you should try the socks with sand, I´ve done that, and still do it, put one on each side, then walk untangling the lines until you reach the handles, pull the kite up smoothly, the bags fall and then pull hard, the kite will take air instantly. I´ve been flying sport kites for about a year and a half, and let me tell you, no DVD does the work, just practice and practice, you will feel more confident the more you fly. Have fun Jorge
  8. Hi Bob, great to see you are consistent with your goal and that you have improved and corrected a lot of technical details. I hope good winds come in October. Looking forward to hear more about this fascinating record attempt (Im sure this time would be it). have a good day Jorge
  9. I´ve got so lucky to win a Phoenix Supreme here at the monthly sweepstakes. This kite is my second and the first that I have that is at the competition level, is a great kite, very easy to handle, needs mid winds 5 mph to 25 tops. Is a real eye catcher and the normal price is about 130 USD. Give it a try, you wont be dissapointed. http://ralf.naujoks24.de/phoenix-inside-e.html Have a good day Jorge
  10. Hi, does anyone know about a kite festival in South California next October? Im planning to go to San Diego on Vacation for Two weeks and would like to attend a festival if possible, I will be visiting friends and relatives in Los Angeles and Sand Diego. Please let me know Jorge
  11. Thank you Dave for the information, the problem is that I live in Mexico and there´s not much of that information, only the regular information on the local TV guide channel that I think they might get from the local weather service. My purpose is to get a guide for the normal guy to read the weather and expect winds for kite flying. Im doing my homework... more info in the nbext day. have a good day Jorge
  12. Hi, it would be interesting to ask a meteorologist or weather man (or woman) how, we regular and common people can read the weather conditions to predict wind days inland, because in the seaside wind is more constant. I have learned watching the skies that when is hot and clear and a change of weather is coming (example: cold front) the air pressure difference because of the temperature makes the cold air to move to where the hot air is, making the wind to move above the 10mph mark. This is only by observation, but professional help would be useful. I will try to contact a meteorologist to give us more info on this, or if you know someone who knows about it, please ask him to enlighten us in this matter. I´m sure it would make an intersting article for the next issue. Have a good day Jorge
  13. Hi Bob, Ive been following the team´s record attempt, good luck on finding the kite and trying again. Keep the good work Jorge
  14. Thanks Gee, sorry to hear he didnt make it. ... I hope he keeps trying Jorge
  15. http://www.kitelife.com/archives/issue41/d...der41/index.htm any news on the Bob Moore record attempt down under??? did the team made it?? I hope so. Please let me know if any one knows about this Thanks Jorge
  16. Hi John, thanks for the answer, I knew there was something like that somewhere but my navigator wasnt showing that link below, I updated and can download them know. Thank you Ikky too Jorge
  17. Hi John I hope you are having a great time. I have a question about the videos from the website: Is it possible to download them to my computers hard disk and watch them later instead of download and watch online??? this is taking so much time to download, even that I have a 1Mb/s internet connection. Please let me know thanks Jorge
  18. Hi, I found some interesting stuff about kites in the National Geographic website, A historic picture of a wheel kite: http://lava.nationalgeographic.com/cgi-bin...onth=10&year=03 Kites for weight lifting http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...echobelisk.html enjoy. Jorge
  19. How do I convert a dual line kite to a quad and what the pro and cons would be??? Also would like to know how to tie two dual lines together to flight them as a tandem or train, I dont know the exact word. Am I getting into forbidden ground to soon?? I have been flying dual lines for 1 1/2 years now. But have that doubt now. Jorge
  20. Hi penny, that would be international day, Im from Mexico. Is this llama song and dance going to get bigger than the "macarena"??? Jorge
  21. Nothing seems to work to get the llama song out of my head, I have started to learn the lyrics. Not even the beers worked. My girlfriend loved the song, she is going to play it for her students in High School, I think they are going to get crazy with it. Now is time to analyze the real meaning of the song, and the hidden message, maybe if we play it backwards we could hear the beer song. Jorge
  22. Will try that Penny, Does it work if I get real and actually buy the 99 bottles and drink as I countdown??? Or when I reach bottle 80 I will start to see llamas dancing, singing and drinking with me??? Jorge
  23. I think I have figured out Paul, thanks for your reply. Jorge
  24. Anyone knows a remedy to get rid of the llama song from my mind??? keeps repeting all the time... I have even started to see my dog as a short legged llama!!! lol Jorge
  25. Sounds like fun to give it a try, maybe I will go to a place about 200 miles from here is called windy city (not Chicago, the mexican windy city is Pachuca) theres a place called "los jales", kite bugging happens there. I will test the kite with those winds, I think I will need the wind brake there. will keep you posted Jorge
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