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  1. Are you connectign two of the lines together? and then wrapping the two pairs? also i know a few people that prefer having two seperate winders so there is no hassle. I too an fairly new to quads but i don't have much problem wrapping up my lines and takign them out. I conect the brake and other line for the left side and then do the same for the right. I do it at both ends, one end with the brake looped on and the other with the brake being looped onto. anyway once i do that then i wrap it up as if it were a dual line. When i get to unwrapping them i unwrap them like normal with one end staked. Once i'm done i just pull each pair away from each other to seperate the two pairs and soemtime needs to do the same to the staked end. I then usualy end up splitting the pairs and connectign them, but u cna check to see if there is soem little snag on twisted lines, it's only happened to me once so far. hope i was clear enough to be a help
  2. what about something like Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman or In The Mood by Glen Miller? or even Pet Semetary by the Ramones?
  3. Go for the B Series. More Control, and will handle better in moderate winds. Also with the Two frames, it will give you lots of versitality. One thing, the kite does not come with a line set. Steve i few a rev 1 earlier today and defiantley like the rev 1.5 B better for the reasons steve mentioned
  4. yea i got the DVD hence where all my Qs came from. I might have to try flying like that sometime...any suggestions?
  5. how long were the lines you used for the street kitting? also why do you not use a bridle for street kitting? (i'm kinda new to revs)
  6. I had a chance to pick the mango (or gold i told it was) today, so i guess it now a 1 of 4 monkey anyway I got myself the blue today. It's also my first rev.
  7. Well I shall be joining all fo you soon, I shoudl have my Rev 1.5 B tomamrow, so what colors does everyone have?
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