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  1. A good warning but we can't all be in your shoes John. Test flying would be cool, but not yet an option, so asking anyone and everyone about the kite you're interested in and reading as many reviews as you can find on the kite seems to be the best way to make a smart choice. After reading everything, you can weed out the people who just have a problem with the manufacture and also weed out the people who are such die-hards that they will say no wrong about the kite (Look for comments like every kite in my bag is a BLANK). I don't know about you but I can't count on these people to be real, or unbiased. A great way to test the kites before you buy them and help others do the same is to join a kite club. CHECK HERE for clubs in your area. Be sure it's not an "Online Club" Like mine is (That's not what you need). We would love to have you, but you need a club with many members in one area. This way if a member owns a kite you are interested in, he might let you fly it and you might do the same for other members some day.
  2. Here you go. Big Bang Review (On KiteLife.com) Get set for a good long read. This guy covered allot of ground.
  3. You need to go HERE and read the page... The website if you have the time, but for now just the page on the Dynamic Bridle. The Flying Wings Hornet uses this Dynamic Bridle and it self adjusts to your flying as you fly, so you can go from tracking to tricking without landing and making changes. I find it works great. The clips are your wind speed adjustments. The kite is a remarkable one in my opinion and I would not change the bridle. If I were to change anything on this kite I would add more slack line tricks to its bag. I admit that I am not that great of a pilot, but I can fly. I just could not get the Hornet to fade to save my life. I did, however invent my own way of entering the fade, so it did fade and really good too.
  4. The plastic CLIPs you refer to are on the leading edges and you get two for each side. One short and one long. The book tells you how to place them for low or high wind. I have only lost one clip in over a year with the kite and some big time abuse.
  5. LOL. Well you know if all were to be documented, the KiteSoap would be an excellent story.
  6. I can see that I read too many threads and took it out on this one, but this thread dose have a line in it that prompted my original reply. I admit that it is yet one line and tame as they come, but I think it is how some of the kite separatist come to be and it fuels a higher level of negativity. I agree that I might have picked a better thread to Blurt Out that question Don, or maybe I should have just opened my own thread somewhere (no BUTs, or HOWEVERs).
  7. Jay, I have a habit of coming off harsh, but I really thought you took some cheap shots at "The Other Guy". On a positive note: I do appreciate the information about the Ozone (Another kite I was talked out of). I was told that the Ozone would be as you described before adjusting it. Even knowing all of this, however, I would still opt. for the STX 1.8. The price of both kites are about the same, but the STX seems to be more up my ally. When adjusting my kites I go straight to the lowest wind setting and then come up from there. I don't often have to come back very far with the adjustment before I'm happy. Flying a 3-25 mph kite in 2 mph winds is a blast. I found the Quantum to be great for this, but a bit more work than I thought it would be. I just hope we can dry out up here this month. I want to fly all my new kites without bringing home all of the mud from the field.
  8. When do we stop taking cheap shots and start talking about the tings we like and don't like in a pure and honest way? I happen to like Marks kites allot, but my bag is not full of prism kites. I have a wide range of kites and they give me great joy. I really only own one prism at this time (The Quantum). I hope to fix that problem soon, but I do have some New Dodd kites to buy (New line) I really wanted to try the HQ Floater, but could not find a real review on the kite. It is as if the kite was not taken seriously. Since looking at the Floater I have looked at some other low wind kites and after allot of reading I found that the CDC STX 1.8 is the best kite for me, however this kite is in the neighborhood of $200.00. I read on and found the NTK Desire fit my needs at a price that was cool. I had been talked out of the Flashlight (It was cheaper). I still have not bought the Desire, but I need it BAD. As of now my Hornet is my low wind fun. Fun Fun Fun, just as long as you have wind of 2mph or more.
  9. What do you want to know? My Flying Wings Hornet Review
  10. I know I had some strong opinions about the Big Bang review, so I would like to hear your opinions about the Yin Yang review... Even the two word ones. Thank you http://b4.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?a...user=MADKITERS2
  11. Ok, but I think you're missing a day... The first day. Oh yeah the 11th hardly counts, because its a week day right. We hope to get there on the 11th. Kite Party
  12. John might be the best person to answer that question, or Dave on The Kite Connection Forum.
  13. It's been a long time coming, but this will be my first kite event. I hope to see a full party there. I also can't wait to see Dave’s shop. So who's going to be there?
  14. I see now how it can become hard for people to differentiate between steadfast loyalist and someone who wants to right a wrong.
  15. Yes I know... When I come out of my coma, I plan to write a review like that.
  16. Opinions in reviews are something that we need to see and so are facts. I agree that a good review is not easy to write. MAD KITERS is full of my early reviews (some of witch I have added to), but they are pretty much left as they were written. Only the Hornet review is currant and even that review is a hollow one by most of your standards, but the only thing it is missing in my book are the complete set of tricks that it can do and what I was unable to do. Mostly I think you are right Jay, but it would be cool if all reviewers could take a report writing class. If our police officers wrote their reports with the same bias as some of these reviewers, we would have big problems. Reviewers need to learn to write reviews in such a way that the reader can make up their own mind about the kite and if they should buy it. Facts should fill the review, but as I said before opinions are needed too. In order not to get fact and opinion mixed up, I think the words In my opinion should always come before spouting an opinion. Placing the word Fact before a fact would be cool too.
  17. I really don't want to fly in winds that fast anyways, but it would be nice to know that with these changing winds here (off and on some days) I don't have to keep switching kites. You can't change kites as fast as the wind changes on those days.
  18. Oh **** it! I will just fly the Hornet and run when there's no wind, then stop and fade... hope for wind, cuss, crash and stand waiting for wind like I've been doing.
  19. I like the way you seem to have all of the kites nailed into the compass. I don't buy it, but it sounds real cool. I have spent enough time on GWTW reading about what people have in their bags and LOOKING at what they have in their bags on their WebShots pages. It is not often that I just see a page of one kind of kite. As for which kite maker I am loyal to, you really cannot say. I have no Big Bang, but I do have a Firecracker and a Dynamite. I have never flown the Dynamite yet. I have a Flying Wings Hornet and a Flying Wings Yin Yang. I have a CDC Ticket. I have a Shanti Foxtrot I have a "Go Fly A kite" Flag kite I have a Ventura made by ??? I have a prizm Quantum. <Please don't say anything bad about this one! And I have a Premier Addiction. <Still did not fly. I want a CDC STX 1.8, but don't have the money, so I have shopped around. I looked at all kinds of low wind kites. I was really ready to buy the prism Flashlight (if you read the 0-12mph thread on The Kite Shoppe Forum, you will see), but I read about people flying the Desire in winds up to 10mph so I am thinking about the Desire now... LOL... maybe then you guys can call me a NTK guy. I really don't see things the way you guys are looking at them. I hate for things to be twisted like this. I did what I thought was right for the kite. Now people know that the kite CAN TRICK IN LIGHT WINDS. Oh yes and in my lifetime I have never deprived myself of a Ford, Chevy, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, or Dodge because of some screwed up loyalties. Sure you can have a favorite kite... Kite maker, but that dose not mean you should fly only that kite, or that kind of kite. Do you wear your favorite color all over all of the time? That would be ridiculous. Try something new. Expand. I'm sorry for starting up again, but please don't twist me up and expect me just to read the other replies. FYI: I have been actively seeking stories about the Big Bang. I want to know what could be wrong with it and what people like about it. I don't know how (when some of you say you've been to my site) you seem to miss the very thing that would help. Take note of the date it was posted. I think we gave the kite plenty of flight time with everyone who got one. Big Bang Experiences
  20. Mike, you're not a poet, but you seem to have something funny for us every time.
  21. Well it is clear that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the term troll came up. You have a poetic view of things John.
  22. Rick. Although I think we can all agree that I started this thread on the wrong foot, I have seen some discussions on forums that are just for the purpose of making people feel bad... No information about any subject. Just one person feeding off of what someone-else had said in the reply before. (Who can be funnier as they all feed on one person that did not agree with them). They call the one who writes something out of line with what everyone else is saying A TROLL. I call it free speech and I call all of the others piranha. __________________________________________________________________ John. I thought I said it the same way in the original posting, but I guess it was hard to see, because of how angry I was about this. The only thing missing are the () marks. ---------------------------------------------- Oh... ok. I see. I seem to have left out the word [found] as in {found here}. I know how you do things here, but I also know that not everyone knows that. It was my responsibility to be clearer in that area. For that I am sorry.
  23. Mike you made me laugh and I'm not being sarcastic. _____________________________________________________________ Scott. The Big Bang is Eddies kite. You should have been around to shut me up when I was going off about my Firecracker. I won't go into that now, but I will tell you that I wish I had known about your Dynamite before I got mine. At Christmas time I did buy 5 kites. The Big Bang was not on that list. I know you think I am defending this kite because I have the hots for it, but I am just doing it because I think it is the right thing to do. If you have been to my web, then you should know this. I understand that I might be loosing the ability to link up with your web or even others out there, however, I am more concerned right now with linking webs like yours to MAD KITERS as I link to webs of any kind. I hope to attract some new people to the sport. People who would not otherwise search for kites, but could become interested if they see our link. Oh... I am working on the pages. The word Venders will be changed to Vendors. ________________________________________________________________ LLAMAGUY. If I had not been so angry about the Big Bang review (found here) that in my opinion was slanted, maybe I could have worded things better and... No we would still have the same thread. LOL.
  24. I have always been interested in prism kites, but was in some way turned off by the masses who flock to the kites. A vote for the underdog will come from me, but I have to admit when someone has a good product, like it or not. The truth is; I like my Quantum. It was the Quantum that made everything easy. All of the tricks I was trying to do on all of my other kites, but just not getting down. When I tried on the Quantum, it all just happened like someone was doing it for me. Single hand input axles, axle take-offs, fade from ground. All without any effort or thought. This is a first for all of these tricks. I have done a sloppy axle before, but not a clean one and not with consistency. I know this is all in the right kite and the right practice. I have seen Dodd’s video and the prism video. I also get help from my good friend Eddie. I think the Quantum should be everyone’s first kite. I am glad it was yours.
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