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  1. I know this is probably a long shot, but is anyone here in the New York City area?
  2. Hi all, new member here! New pilot too. The E2 was recommended as a great kite to start with because it's a kite that can "grow" with you and do all the tricks and everything. And I found a good deal on one at my local store. It's a great kite, I really like it, the problem is being a new pilot I crash quite frequently and the E2 has turned out to be kind of fragile. I've had to replace all 4 leading edge pieces and with those HotRodz spars, it's getting a bit expensive. So I've decided to switch over to a stronger, solid frame "beginners" kite until I'm not crashing so much. I'm looking for suggestions on a good strong kite. I'm considering the Nexus and the Pyro but I'm open to other suggestions. Like I said I need something strong, but I'm also looking for something that will fly well in fairly light winds. Here in New York City there's precious few spots to find good wind. Anyway, thanks for any help!
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