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  1. No worries about the signature. It won't come off. It only looks "light" because they probably used a silver sharpie, not a black. Don't go over it or anything, I'm pretty sure it won't come out good. Enjoy! and congrats on what sounds like your first signed kite!
  2. It was INCREDIBLE! I really don't think it can improve much from there. A big round of applause for ALL of the organizers and behind the scenes people who made it all work so great. Can't wait until next year!
  3. Yes an axel on a rev is a quite different hand motion than on a dual line. However the hand motion a rev axel is very similar to a flat spin 540 on a dual
  4. Still a Sea Devil fan. http://skysportdesign.com/seadevil.htm whoo bonus points!
  5. I agree, while there is definitely a difference between the two, you do incorporate skills from the other.
  6. Oh man it was SOOO awesome flying with those!!!
  7. lol John's all pissed his octagons aren't perfect. pretty sweet lil game!
  8. Those were some of the craziest winds i've ever flown in. Just nutty wind shifts. One second it's up fine, then it's just free falling across the window and coming at you!!
  9. Ya they had to censor me and Adrian. Film crew said America couldn't handle that much sexyness so early the morning.
  10. Backspin23

    Race Rods

    The Race Rods are the 24k gold of rev spars. Lighter than a 2 wrap, as strong as a 3 wrap. and if you do happen to break one, it sounds awesome! the only Con is that they're not in your kite bag yet.
  11. I'd love to see it swoop down and snatch a young unsuspecting dual line out of the sky
  12. Thanks guys!! wish I was at the labor day fly...but England will do
  13. Bazzer, your stitching is so pixilated.
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