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  1. im actually refering to the small thin fiberglass things, not the long ones.
  2. im trying to adjust my hawiian team kite for maximum performance. how far out should my lower spreaders be from the center tube? any info wil be apriciated.
  3. no problem john. thanks for re-adding the link.
  4. if you read my post it is allready posted in the Kite Classifieds. thanks for the heads up though. i was just trying to make sure that more people would see it.
  5. yea its not that i really Wanna get rid of it. id love to keep it and learn how to fly it . but i just dont have the time and yea i really really need the money for other things. know anyone who might be interested in it?
  6. Well It Finally Sold With 4 Min To Go!!! Thanks God. After 2 weeks of Being Listed!!!
  7. hey dave did you see my pm about the rev for sale in the clasifieds adds? i can end the auction early at a fixed price if your interested in it. let me know if you are you can contact me at phatbeats4me@aol.com
  8. hey hyper. name your price and ill deffinetly give it some thought.
  9. hello! i was curious if you still had the Hawaiian Team Kite for sale? please let me know via email @ phatbeats4me@aol.com thanks dan
  10. well i checked with them several months ago and they said they were no longer in production. when i saw your reply i kinda got my hopes up and was not really sure if this was true or not. i just got off the phone with cutting edge and they informed me that they were no longer in production. =( john if you know anyone that might have a used one in good condition id really love to finally own this kite. thanks
  11. i know that top of the line is no longer in buisness but im a desperatly looking to buy a Hawaiian Team Kite. back in my teenage first kiting days i worked part time at a local kite shop. they used to sell these but at the time i didnt have the funds to purchase one. i had the chance to learn to fly kites mostly with a Hawaiian. i Loved That Kite. iv just recently gotten back into flying kites and this was the first kite i looked for to purchase. i have looked everywhere for this kite new or used with no luck. does anyone on here know someone that has one for sale new or used or someone that would sell me there used Hawaiian? im willing to pay top $$$ for it. please help me find this kite! Thanks Dan
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