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  1. Work's fine from this side of the ocean. /j
  2. You might wanne try a vented kite, you gonne need to put in UL of SUL frames when the wind is to low. I seems to be less influnenced by gusts then a std kite. I helps me a lot to learn new things. Good Winds, Outsync
  3. outsync


    so sorry for you amy, I hope you get your kites back in good shape. I will keep an eye on the EU sites and forums in case someone try's to sell them.
  4. Where does one get a Vented 1.5 in Purple???? I believe Purple is a colour that has been added later on, It's not In the 2007 catalog. Mine was delivered by the sweet Theressa of TheKiteshoppe. Thanks again for the good care and service Theressa. I was able to fly my vented yesterday, windspeed between 20-25 mph on a 150# 120 foot line, it was realy sweet, I had to stop at the point I was to dark to see the kite So I guess I'm gonne have to start looking for some kite lights Anyway wind forcast for today is 0 to 6 mph guess no vented today, ahhhh just gonne grab my std put in the sul frames and have a go. Still not decided on what to get next, the rev II sound like a real fun kite, would be nice to be able to fly it before I order it. To bad I'm not that lucky to live in part of the world where I just can go up to the beach and meet other Rev flyers. Tbh kinda feels lonely at times, thanks to the Net I can come here and chatter away. Good winds, John
  5. Finaly she has arived, My Brand new Purple Vented 1.5 B :) so my std 1.5 B has some more company in my kite bag. Once again Belgian Customs delayed the deliver for more then 2 weeks /SIGH. Now hoping for some good winds this weekend .... Include in the shipping box was the revolutions 2007 catalog...... gonne be hard to decide what will be my next kite bag addition ... indoor ? speed series ??? Rev 2 ??
  6. Ha, interesting indeed. I'd had email with Felix recently that made it sound like they'd be doing more festivals soon, so, here they go. great news indeed! I got confirmation, The Decorators will be in Knokke with a team of 6 Now we only need good winds
  7. Hey peeps, I was just informed that The Decorators are attending the 11 International Kite Festival in Knokke (BE) . I know some off the team members are on this forum to, could one of you confirm this is true. It would be so great to be able to meet the team. ty,
  8. In the order the swatches are listed, row by row, L-R... If I could only choose five, it would be 1, 5, 6, 8 and 9. To match my usual color theme, I'd add #9 to my bag... The true blue. How did I know you'd like the blue? Thanks for the feedback. It only goes to show you should take differing opinions, the green is my least favourite (although it really shines when back lit) As for the blue, well that's the one in my bag too. However, two opions are not enough to make a decision so what about the rest of you? If you had to chose 1 colour, which would it be? The all look verry nice to me, but if I had to choose one for my bag, it would be the purple one. What colours are for sales atm, and would it be possibe to ship to europe ? Good winds, John
  9. thanks for the clear guidelines. Could you explain a bit more on the "throw handles" I'm using the handles that came with my 1.5 B serie not sure what kind they are.
  10. cool vid, thanks for the info Watty Penny, gonne try your trick next time I'm out flying, the lines I was using where about 55 ft.
  11. Hey quad heads, I bought a new quad line kite this week, I live near Ostend (Belgium) and one of the few kite factories in Belgium is here. So I noticed on there website they have a showroom and shop so I went out to pay them a visit. I left with a new kite bag, small single line Ostend bird, a new dual line delta for my daughter and a quad line hakuna. The hakuna is small quad line kite, I needs some wind to get it going but is realy nice to fly and has a realy nice look. I gonne try to get 1 or 2 more to get them stacked. I found a review in german here , Didak website can be found here didak_hakuna.bmp
  12. Hey peeps, When I was out on the beach yesterday, I had my daughter flying my rev 1 SLE on 55 foot lines a bit, just to let her get a feel for it, when she asked if I could do that throwing thing we watched on a vid a few days ago. The vid she referred to was from an indoor festival I believe. Not sure if I would be able to do it I gave it a go and wow … javelin style throw, kite pops nice in to shape, imagine my surprise. I went on and tried a bit more, had to clear out the mess I made in my lines only once  I was not aware this could be done outdoor to, are there any other throw, catch techniques usable outdoor? If so any pointers to some more info?
  13. Lol John, in to comedy now or just googeling your name again
  14. The glue seems to hold verry well, I went out today, winds at 15 mph with gusts upto 20 mph, kite behaved super and the glue to
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