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  1. Well a B-SERIES used would be awesome, if you didn't mind trying somebody else' kite. I have it and a matching vented, for SanFancisco marina trips. I have a SLE also , but not recommended for beginners or lite wind
  2. +1 on the Sportbrella. I would buy afew more longer thicker stakes like cheapo aluminum for when you use it standing up.ALSO a hose clamp and cheapo screw driver to hold the clamp in middle of post. There are six total anchor points including the wings which i used to anchor it on the Marina Green this last Saturday (90 degrees and a hot azz breeze--had touse all my zero wind and SUL kites with that hot breeze!!!
  3. I bought some colored tissue from the local art store and wondered after I waterproofed it with floor wax polish, if the One world trading tissue is double thickness or triple thick (or waxed?) versus ur run of the mill gift-wrapping tissue I bought?
  4. That some nice hardware, looks like a Lotta hours.
  5. Are there any recent pics of this dogstake?
  6. My Newtech desire UL is awesome when everybody else is grounded! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. I'ma "brown santa" n been flying fir shoot can't remember now! Try a Rev especially if your brown santa likes drones or RC helis. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Chasing equipment ! ? Guilty as Charged! I ended up buying Skyshark2 p400 to mimic a SLE LE plus uprights.. has more give but still more lively than stock parts. pick a super glue that gives 15 seconds before it sets up solid. lolz
  9. http://www.gwtwforum.com/index.php?topic=13662.0 I have a 2 month old now so I forgot exactly how it flies but if u have masking tape n a dremel with cutting disc or hobby hacksaw, ur good to go !
  10. Say has anybody put up a utoob on how todo a bridle change the right way? thanks in advance !
  11. Looking for Kiting magazines (aka) since I can't figure out how toget back issues. So who's got afew?
  12. Well shoot as far as the rod mounted springs, let's see some pics! It looks like three separate typesof springs on the frame
  13. Yeah. Springs look really interesting to diy. I hope somebody makes a utoob howto rig a LE with them.
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