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  1. browndude3649

    Advice for a new REV Purchase

    UDOWN WIT OPK ?!?!?!!
  2. browndude3649

    Advice for a new REV Purchase

    Well a B-SERIES used would be awesome, if you didn't mind trying somebody else' kite. I have it and a matching vented, for SanFancisco marina trips. I have a SLE also , but not recommended for beginners or lite wind
  3. browndude3649

    Wind / sun shelter?

    +1 on the Sportbrella. I would buy afew more longer thicker stakes like cheapo aluminum for when you use it standing up.ALSO a hose clamp and cheapo screw driver to hold the clamp in middle of post. There are six total anchor points including the wings which i used to anchor it on the Marina Green this last Saturday (90 degrees and a hot azz breeze--had touse all my zero wind and SUL kites with that hot breeze!!!
  4. I bought some colored tissue from the local art store and wondered after I waterproofed it with floor wax polish, if the One world trading tissue is double thickness or triple thick (or waxed?) versus ur run of the mill gift-wrapping tissue I bought?
  5. browndude3649

    JB Dogstake @ Berkeley

    That some nice hardware, looks like a Lotta hours.
  6. browndude3649

    JB Dogstake @ Berkeley

    Are there any recent pics of this dogstake?
  7. browndude3649

    Low Wind Kite Suggestions - Silver Fox It Is

    My Newtech desire UL is awesome when everybody else is grounded! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. browndude3649

    How good is your UPS Driver?

    I'ma "brown santa" n been flying fir shoot can't remember now! Try a Rev especially if your brown santa likes drones or RC helis. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. browndude3649

    Rev Diamond / Skyshark Rods

    Chasing equipment ! ? Guilty as Charged! I ended up buying Skyshark2 p400 to mimic a SLE LE plus uprights.. has more give but still more lively than stock parts. pick a super glue that gives 15 seconds before it sets up solid. lolz
  10. browndude3649

    Rev Diamond / Skyshark Rods I have a 2 month old now so I forgot exactly how it flies but if u have masking tape n a dremel with cutting disc or hobby hacksaw, ur good to go !
  11. browndude3649

    Quad 1.5 bridles available!

    Say has anybody put up a utoob on how todo a bridle change the right way? thanks in advance !
  12. Looking for Kiting magazines (aka) since I can't figure out how toget back issues. So who's got afew?
  13. browndude3649

    KARMA - Prism 4D w/ color choice (8-12-16)

    I'm In! This kite is nice
  14. browndude3649

    They seem to have a really long copyright date-

    Well shoot as far as the rod mounted springs, let's see some pics! It looks like three separate typesof springs on the frame
  15. browndude3649

    They seem to have a really long copyright date-

    Yeah. Springs look really interesting to diy. I hope somebody makes a utoob howto rig a LE with them.