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    Jojo,Libre,Ocean Rodeo,Peter Lynn
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    always flew kites,but became serious in 91.
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    Tralee,Kerry Co., Ireland
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    All kites,but especially traction kites.
    I kitesurf,buggy,mt.board & kiteski.
    2002 W.I.S.S.A. masters champion in Italy.
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    Maybe I'm just lazy,but I never use winders.I wrap the lines around the handles.When I'm a few feet from the kite I figure eight the line betwween the handles leaving just enough line out to be able to fold up the kite & then bag the ktie with lines still attatched.When setting up its much quicker too.THere's usually one or two twists which are simple to take out.Hold handles together & spin in one direction or other to remove. So long as same person does the winding there isn't a problem. This is standard practice with quadline foils & works well with any other quadline kite that uses handles. Good Winds Mike
  2. If you liked the ipod flea....you'll be ready for this. http://www.davidmccandless.com/funny/applestore.htm Hahaha Try get any of those accessories for a PC!haha Later Good Winds Mike
  3. I agree to some extent with Monkey.I spend more time doing scans & removing ad & spyware from my windows PC in a month....than ever on my mac.(ever being 3 yrs) In case you haven't noticed ,Apple users are far more loyal if not fanatical about their gear....& with good reason. Don't believe me?...Check this out.lol http://www.nytimes.com/video/html/2005/06/...UEST_VIDEO.html I never thought about being compared to an edsel though.haha Later Good Winds Mike
  4. I use Safari & IE here. Mostly because they came preloaded on my machines. I do like safari better....or maybe I just like macs better overall. Least for now. Good Winds Mike
  5. What model of Flexifoil? Bullet?Blade? Good Winds Mike
  6. Happy Birthday!! Happy kiting for the next 30. Good Winds Mike
  7. Sweet teasers! Very impressive.........as usual Lam. Sorry John.........you too.lol So has Lam fled Canada for the warmer climate to the south? Snows all gone dude!We're surfing already.(mind you the water is only 40f)lol Later Good Winds Mike
  8. Be careful not to put the cart before the horse,by getting a buggy & then try to learn how to do it. Rather....become comfortable flying before getting in the buggy. Start off underpowered & progress from there. Many a newbie gets SPANKED by the wind because they had too much kite for that day. Remember.....the size kite you fly must suit both the wind speed & your skill level. Over doing it too early can be painful.Worse yet....could lead to an innocent beach goer getting hurt.This has become a major concern with avid buggiers.Seems whenever there is an incident a ban follows.So rather than losing precious potential buggy spots......we urge ALL(not just newbies)to kite buggy responsibly. I try to suggest for everyone who wants to get into the sport to seek out experienced kiters for advise & possibly even a hands on trial.This is also a great way to decide what kite is right for you.....when your ready to buy gear.Going to kite festivals is one way....although it usually involves some travelling,depending where you live. I suggest an intermediate skill level kite.That way you won't out grow it too soon.Also...they fly better than a beginner or trainer kite. Kiting & skydiving arent that close.....we're more akin to paragliding.As a rule most of the best traction kites are manufactured by paragliding companies.Do not call it a canopy.lol A "wing" is acceptable though. So.......smooze a festival....try some gear.....practice,practice.....then buggy. Sounds so simple.hahahaha Let us know how you progress. Later Good Winds Mike
  9. the term bowtie refers to when the kite gets a twist in the center.often when one wingtip colapses & falls through the center bridle.Both wing tips are inflated..but center of the kite is just a big twist.Looks like a big bowtie. Too bad you couldn't fly before you buy.But for your needs...anything small will do. Now if you wanted a nice little high end beginner foil....the Jojo Instinct 1.5m is a very fast,powerfull little kite.I use one when wind is heavy. Best of luck. Good Winds Mike
  10. I do side slides with my Libre Bora's & Jojo RM's. A long link line helps. I find it an almost essential maneuver when parking the kite. With limited space we tend to group kites closely.So a quick side slide over 5 or 6 kites in normal. True ..at the edge foils will fold or lose pressure. wing tip colapses are easy enough to deal with.....but bow ties suck! WHen one wing tip passes through the center bridle lines causing a twist in the kite. Looks just like a sloppy bow tie. It's tricky but with some luck you won't have to walk to the kite to untangle. As for the dive stop......sounds like your giving enough brake to make the actual stop.....but at the point where the kite is almost stopped.....ease up on the brakes a tad.You have to make the stop first.......requiring tons of brake. Then you have to maintain a hover.......requires less brake. Keep Flying! Good Winds Mike
  11. I only listed higher end kites.I havent flown a quad para stunter,but I think I have a two line version.Was there a two line first??Anyways.... I have flown a firebee. Even the larger firebees fly like crap.(sorry firebee lovers....if there are any)(anywhere.lol) We did find with significant rebridling that the firebee would fly not too bad.But still not good in my opinion. Now....as far as price....they sure are cheap(compared to a high ender)...but often you get what you pay for. Later Good Winds Mike
  12. A good foil will will fly very much like a rev..as it is a quad also. True..foils fly off the power lines mainly.....but by adding brake through the turn,the kite will pivot....hand motions are same as on a rev...only slightly exagerated.Slow turns....steer like a two line using the power lines.To do a crisp 90 deg turn...as well as steering like a two line....also add hard brake.Having your foil set up properly is critical also.Reverse,slides...whatever....foils will do them. I think you'll find that most foil flyers who can fly a foil like a rev....are ex rev flyers. The Rev is not only a great kite on its own....but possibly responsible for may quad line flyers to picking up a quad foil.Many get the power bug & never look back. As for the NPW...thats a totally different animal.I've flown a few but didn't really like them. Twin skin foils are superior. If you need to syne the kite you are usually under powered.This "s" or "8" motion simply keeps the kite in the power window longer....giving more power.Ideally you want to find the sweet spot in the window & "lock the kite in"...giving you maximum power. In my experience/opinion. Later Good Winds Mike
  13. Cool. You have many choices Phil.I think all I mentioned have sizes starting around 1-1/2meters. Some have trainer kites in the 1-3meter size....but they are mostly to simulate a larger kite on a control bar. I believe you are looking for a beginner/intermediate type foil..with handles.. I'll drop some names,models & sizes.....add a website so you can make an informed decision or least see what it looks like.Hows that? Here we go....(in no particular order of preference) 1-Libre-SpeedyII-they have sizes-1.7m,2.1m,2.6m......there are many more but I'll only give you under 3m sizes.I think thats all you'd need for what you're looking for. -view at- www.libre.de/englisch/sailing/libre.htm 2-Jojo-ET(instinct)-sizes 1.5m or 2.5m..... -view at-www.libre.de/englisch/sailing/jojo.htm 3-Ozone-LDStunt-1.5m view at-www.flyozone.com/ozkites/kframe.htm 4-Concept Air-First-2m or 3m.... view at- www.conceptair.com/english/price/traction/first_e.htm 5-Peter Lynn-Rebble-2.5m..... View at- www.powerkiteshop.com/kites/peterlynnrebble.htm 6-Flexifoil-Bullet-1.5m or 2.5m view at- www.powerkiteshop.com/kites/flexifoilbullet.htm 7-Airea-Bronto-2m or 3m.... view at-www.foilzone.com/kite-manufacturors/airea/airea.htm THere...that 'll confuse you!lol..all those choices. Please keep in mind I fly or have flown these manufacturers.....but not all the particular models specified.Being a power nut I tend to use the high performance models.They are superior in power & handling.....however they are very twitchy in gusty winds(if not down right dangerous).They tend to bow tie/invert,collapse,etc. in crap wind.The models specified are more forgiving & more stable. Please be cautious first outtings...least till you become use to the kites capabilities & your comfortable wind range with it. Best of Luck Good Winds Mike
  14. I disagree John...I think in the past few years traction kiting has really taken off. Thats why all the bans on beaches & other favorite flying spots. I was hesitant to respond as Phil wasn't looking for a kite to use as it was meant. Any kite can offer pull & enable body drags in sufficient wind. If he was looking for a kite to buggy,surf...or any other traction activity.....then may be I'd have jumped right in with a few suggestions.But I'm not sure what to suggest for him. No doubt there is a BIG difference between a brand name foil for traction kiting verses a trainer or off brand kite. A name brand would be a manufacturer who makes more than just a few sizes & lines.Most paraglider manufacturers make high end traction kites. To drop a few names of good foils.... Peter Lynn,Jojo,Libre,Flexifoil(Blades),Ozone,to name just a few.There are many more too. These manufacturers also produce a few lines of kites designed for beginner,intermediate & advanced flyers. Depending on application & skill level....there are many good choices. Whatever phil decides.....he would be surprised at the power of todays kites compared to his old quadrifoil.I hope he sticks to a smaller kite for his own safety.....as they can be dangerous. FFor his application I'd say the kites he see's for under $100 would do fine.They just won't be as nice to fly.(handling). Hope you find the kite you're looking for. Good Winds Mike
  15. Hey John I assume you mean Lam Hoac(how many Lam's can there be?lol)....darn that guy gets around! Say Hi & wish him luck from Mike D. Tell him we missed him out on Kampenfelt Bay last weekend at the Barrie Winterfest. Not sure if its known,but Lam is a darn good kiteskier too. He's the complete package! Good things DO come in small packages! HAhahahaha Good Winds Mike
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