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  1. Baskey

    Bristol UK

    : Hi John, For UK event info try the following sites: www.thekitesociety.org.uk www.kiteability.co.uk www.aeolian.co.uk www.kitecalendar.co.uk or for power kiting try: jeremy.evans@zen.co.uk Seeing how the sport of kiting is expanding and diversifying so rapidly, there must be prospects of an olympiic event in the near future!! possibly kite surfing being first!! Regards Baskey
  2. Baskey

    Bristol UK

    John, I was only a spectator and ameatuer flyer at the event. If you would like more info try www.kite-festival.org . Avril Baker is the event organiser and the Avon Kite Flyers Club are the local hosts.... they will all know a lot more aboutt the event than I do!! Love the site Baskey
  3. Baskey

    Bristol UK

    I don't have many pictures but this kite was enourmous. I will attempt to get some interest going over here and keep you informed of next years event.
  4. Baskey

    Bristol UK

    The Bristol International Kite Festival is the premier UK kiting event. This year we saw great kites and superb displays as well as excellent participation from all over the world....but little to no wind.!!!!! Better luck next year as there were many thousands of interested spectators. The sport is now really starting to hum here in England!! p.s. we saw the worlds biggest kite flying .... the size of a (UK) football pitch. It woulld be great to see some of you USA flyers over here next year!!
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