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  1. That is a great idea! I'll try both settings but I will probably favor the turbo as well.
  2. Well, my Silver Fox 2.5 UL showed up on Satuday. I was pretty impressed with Fun With Wind. I ordered it late Wednesday. They didn't mess around getting it shipped. They kite does seem well made and I love the wrapped carbon frame. The little plastic balls on the harness was new to me but seems as though it would make changing the set up easy. The only thing I found wrong with the kite was one of the knocks were not glued in. So I just added some medium super glue. Was easy enough to fix. It has been fairly windy so I have not flown it yet. My 5m Haka has been the kite of choice lately. :-)
  3. Hey All! Thanks for the help. Today I ordered a Silver Fox 2.5 UL in silver. I will probably get it sometime next week and I am looking forward to it...... :-)
  4. Sweet thanks! Probably the UL will be a good option in 2.5.
  5. If I go with the Silver Fox which size would be optimal? The 2.3 or 2.5? Std or UL?
  6. Yeah that is a nice looking kite! Anyone try the new MyOne from Level One Kites?
  7. Price a factor? Ummm, sort of. Since I am a beginner at stunts I can't justify spending almost $300 for something I probably won't get the most out of. So until I get really good at tricks I may hold off on those. I am also looking at getting a smaller power kite (like a Sting) to add to my quiver. So I need cash for that too. :-) My 5m Haka is great fun but sometimes I would like something a little less intense. Back to stunt kites. The silver fox looks like it may be a great replacement for my Jam. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Hey Everyone! I have an old Black Rainbow Jam that has been a great kite but it is hard to trick on and is starting to show its age. At first I thought a Prism E2 might work but after some reading it seems it will probably be more compairable to it than an upgrade. I have also been interseted in the Jumping Jack Flash, EVO, Cavalier du Ciel Shiva, and a couple L'Atelier kites. I really need some direction. As far as tricks go I basically am a beginner. But I have been flying for many years on and off for fun. Will a slightly lighter wind kite typically trick easier? Say 2 - 18mph rather than a
  9. I actually bought my Rev from them. But it was about 4 years ago.....
  10. I am all about supporting a local business and will pay more (within reason) for the product knowing that they have serious overhead. With that said I think the biggest problem is that people are so worried about getting a better deal and saving a few bucks that they miss out on the bigger picture.
  11. Lol I figured as much. How can I hijack my own thread?!? Positive is always a good thing. I am usually the last one to complain. My wife gets on me about that when we are out at say a restaraunt and my order is not correct or something. I just don't say anything and eat it anyway. I understand that mistakes are made once in a while. However I believe in good customer service and I will pay more for the same product to get that service. I have had good customer service with The Kite Shoppe as well. Although I have yet to place an order with them (Jumping Jack Flash on my purchase list) they w
  12. When is it going to be taking place?
  13. I have a rev but have only flown it a couple of times. It seems to like a good breeze to fly well. Anyway, I am stuck in the desert until September but when I return to Spokane I will have go down to the park. Are there other people that fly out there as well?
  14. Your in Deer Park?!? Cool! Your just down the road from me. What kites do you fly and where?
  15. I posted this on three forums. Within 30min of my post Tony responded. This was on the Powerkiteforum. Anyway, he explained that he gave me good customer service but that I was not his only customer. He said he gave 10% off etc. Which is true. But it went down hill after that. Anyway, when a customer sends an e-mail asking about an order (over$600) they should respond ASAP. I got the run around with vague answers. It took the complaint on the forum for him to respond. He stated that he didn't have any shirts in stock and he is sending me the shirt when it is in. If he would have sent a quick e
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