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  1. OMG! Awesome!! Congrats, Tristan!
  2. Duh... its a really nice place. LMAO.... annnd... thanks John. lol. I luv ya.
  3. ohhh... Happy Birthday!! It was nice meeting you!!!
  4. ohh, frick. now I see it.... WELL... fine, this is a I'm back post.
  5. I couldn't find the other thread, soooo!!! I started a new one. I'm back... I missed my kite buddies, since I got to see most of them at the beach, I didn't sign on!! *UGH!* ANYWAYS!! I LOVE YOU ALL & MISS YA!!! llama's angels forever
  6. Dang!!! Everyone is gonna be there!!! LMAO
  7. Sorry LLAMA... I'm pretty sick, and we're not going to PB.... lmao!!! OMFG..... Moon, LMAO!!! Someone got onto my account and sent you a PM!! uhhhh..... sorry!!!!
  8. lmao!!! sorry I wasn't able to get to Delta last weekend... there were... conflicts with the... schedule. yeah. LMAO!!! I dunno if we are able to make it this weekend either....
  9. do you guys know why John put that oddballs and all on the description of the Open Topic??? BECAUSE he thought about me. hahahaha Its flooding right nooooow..... stupid weather. HOW IS EVERYONE?!?!
  10. I KNOW HE IS IN TOWN THANKS...... I really don't want to go down. I'm not talking to him at the moment.
  11. oh, I just twisted my ankle.... like Alex from Worlds!!! hahahahaha!!!!! okay, I shall go to delta park sometime... maybe this next week just for a few. Mum got sick today!!! so I am taking care of her.
  12. Noooo!!!! I'm sooo sorry!!!! BUT one of you guys has my long sleeved T shirt... its Linkin Park... its black. yeah. lol... I hurt my foot bad on Saturday, and I left early.
  13. oh, you need to post a pic of your VIP badge.
  14. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO... I am SOOOO screwed!!!!! LMAO but it was TOTALLY worth it!!!!
  15. holy crap... *doesn't go to WSIKF* lmao!!!!
  16. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAH!! did ya ever get your thing up?! codys can be mean...
  17. oh yes.... *MUWAHAHAHAHA* *packs colored hair gel, and hair spray*
  18. meanie face!!! *runs away*
  19. you did... the whole dry socket thing.... butthead.
  20. I ALREADY HAVE DRY SOCKET THANKS..... we're going to go to Wiskf... lol. I am so sick, and in pain. *kicks Carl B*
  21. LMAO!!!! welll..... I'm not going into details, but it would be hard to see... I have had my wisdom teeth out om Monday. I have had such the worst experiance.... OKay, so my teeth came out like CRAP... it took them forever... my mouth is SO SORE from it being open, so I can barely talk. I can barely eat anything or take my pain meds.... I also have an ear infection... SO, I am playing the *EVIL* card, and being mean with out really wanting to, but I am in so much pain, its just making me cry. COME ON.... seriously, who this sick, is nice to people? Or is it just me? you all know me, I am normally nice, but I am having such a hard time doing it... *sigh* love you all.... xoxo Arch
  22. Hey moose!!! you suck!!! LMAO!!! or were you MEANING to speeeel it wrong?! LOL
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