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  1. WOW, I actually WON!!!!! Didn't really expect to because it seems there's there's alot of guys here that have been waiting longer than I've been but I guess in a draw that doesn't really matter Can't wait to fly my new French Connection. A big Thank-you to Kitelife and their sponsers for these great prizes. Thank-you.
  2. Okay if my time is right, the contest is now over. So who won the French Connection?? Does anybody know??
  3. You have got to be kidding , that's EXACTLY what happened to me, I take this kite out of the bag for like the first time and as I'm removing the soft cap that covers the nock everything came off, but no big deal a little glue will fix it easily. How did you attach your lineset to the pigtails? I also don't quite understand how the beads work; so you can see I'm pretty new at all this, I'm just waiting for the hurricane winds to die down a little, it must be gusting up to 40mph out there.
  4. The French connection or the silver fox std?? Which is indeed the better kite??
  5. That would be great, I haven't flown mine either.
  6. I just bought a silver fox 2.5 std and was wondering if any of you here on the forum have done a lot of flying with this kite, I know that several of you own it, so what can you tell me about it? I'd also like to know what is the ideal line for this kite and the max and min wind it will take. Thanks.
  7. Is there a way to prevent carbon rods from splitting, I have a Prism E2 and I've read quite abit where people have had trouble with the rods starting to crack on the ends. Is there a way to prevent this? Also what's the best way to pack up a kite after you're finished flying for the day? I don't mean long term storage just for a day or two. Thanks guys for all the helpful info and tips I've gotten so far on this forum.
  8. What kind of kite is this and how would it compare with Prism's E2?
  9. A few days ago John mentioned that he really liked this kite and recommended it to me, but I haven't found to much info on it. Could someone let me know where the best place is to buy this kite and also your thoughts and opinion of it.
  10. Could someone tell me about the Prism E2, it's good points and bad .I just bought this kite so I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake although Prism seems to have a excellant reputation.
  11. Does anybody have any experience with the Prism E2 or French Connection , I looking for a freestyle stunt kite that can grow with me as I'm learning new tricks. Any help is welcome. Thanks
  12. I guess my topic title says it all, I've read a lot of good thing about this kite, but am looking for expert advice yet. Can someone tell me about the Techno from New Tech or your personal experiences with this kite and how you would rate it against the acrobatx.
  13. I'm looking for a intermediate to advanced stunt kite for around 120.00. I'd welcome any suggestions. Or what is your favorite stunt kite??
  14. Could you explain to a newbie like me what makes the acrobatx a better kite??
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