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  1. Hello, I have a new red/white/blue stars and stripes for sale. I do not have a picture at this minute, but it is an original TOTL Hawiian stars and stripes model with the red and white center area with blue wing tips with a large white star on each wing tip. I have the original cash register receipt for $220.00 from a shop It was bought from many years ago. I am asking $175.00 plus shipping. No lines or handles included.
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  4. Kite Classifieds is happy to announce that during the month of January it will be having a 2 for 1 ad special! Place 2 ads, and the fees for the 2nd ad will be refunded to you immediately. Thanks Charly http://www.kitelife.com/classifieds
  5. I have had the pure pleasure of attending many PCKA events, and this club knows how to get it right...LOL Great club, and wonderful members. I always look forward to meeting up with these fliers, and enjoying their great events. Sincerely Charly Whitaker WKA President http://www.wka-kiteflyers.org/
  6. http://www.wka-kiteflyers.org/ Check the front page. There is a map and directions posted there. Thanks Charly
  7. I am really happy to hear from those that have been selling and buying kites on the new site. I know I have sold off a number of kites, and even bought a couple myself. The new site is getting a huge number of hits every day. Thanks again to those that have joined, or are using the site. Charly
  8. Mousie, It was great to meet you and your son face to face at WSIKF. I had a great time at the Kitelife party at the beer gardens, and loved the music. The fireworks were great dispite the fog and low clouds and mist. Is your son a kite flyer? If so what does he have for kites? Thanks Again Charly
  9. Elizabeth, Many of us have known for years now just how valuable you were as a person, and a kite flyer... It feels so good to have you back where you really belonged all along. You have been greatly missed. Welcome home lady! Charly
  10. Hello, I was just wondering how many here are planning on making it to Coupville this year for this event? September 25 th and 26 th I believe it is. See you there Charly
  11. Scotty, I will do my best to try to make it out to this event. However I am the team photographer for Jerry Hopp racing, and we are supposed to be in Port Angles that weekend. Hopp racing runs unlimited, and unlimited light hydroplanes. I am trying to find someone else to act as team photographer that weekend so I can make the Orting fly. I hope to see you there. Later guy! Charly
  12. Noah, I have flown Revolutions for a long time now, and have only seen home made "mini" Revolutions. Never seen them for sale. Here is a picture of a mini Revolution a friend made and sent to me. Charly
  13. Jim, Try tuning to NOAA weather radio like I do. You can buy a cheap weather band reciever from Radio Shack, and tune it to a near by frequency. 162 mhz if I remember correctly. They will give you the weather conditions around the area. Many boaters use this weather reporting as well. Charly
  14. I damaged my right wrist in 1985, and it just wouldn't heal correctly. So in 1986 I ended up having to have the "pezaform" (SP) bone removed from my right wrist before it would heal like it should. 18 years later and kite flying has never bothered the wrist in any way. I babied the wrist for a while, but have gone on to fly a stacked pair of Steve Shapson's original "Force 10 deltas" (16 feet wide) without any problems. Charly
  15. Theresa, That original UL would go well with mine don't you think???LOL Charly
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