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  1. I would love to get some measurements from someone who owns a Hawaiin Team kite, Got an old one here, a little worse for wear and it is missing parts that need to be replaced. To put it back together again, I need the measurements for the top and lower spreaders and the length of the whiskers please.
  2. janola

    First flight

    Seen the new handles from HQ? - No lines between the fingers. Get you a pic tomorrow. Plastic, made out of coke bottles I was told, tho that could've been the rum talking.
  3. Just been getting into buggying myself the past few months - after having playing around with a 3, 4m before that. I agree, definitely a good idea to check the length of lines every few months. Tip, if you're melting sleeve ends, on replacement or whatever, use a piece of wire to keep the weave open. With the line lengths and also tuning, your kite should be able to sit quite nice into the wind- depending on what you own (some are better than others) - don't forget the safety gear. Just had my first majorly obe the other day, a friend watching said it was pretty spectacular, and while I was wearing a helmet, the knee pads sure aren't going to help you if they're only looking after the car.
  4. I make soft kites, but this question is probably also pertinant to frame supported kites. For the first time, I used the 'hole in the skin' method- with disapointing results. Even strengthened with adhesive ripstop. They ripped out quick a real pain to repair -especially in a foil. So Im interested to see what the general consesus is. (Would also be handy to know if you have a preferred method for a particular type of kite) Cheers Jan
  5. Use Maxthon Tab browser, which on a slow internet connection is a real bonus. Can keep pages up that I want to view and flick back and forth. The only pages I have ever had trouble with has been the occasional banking site and other with encryption.
  6. All the best. Fly safe, be careful on the roads getting there. Here's to finding all the ingredients at a good price and the wind for quits.
  7. Penny, would you by any chance have a container of paint with a website address on it? (for sourcing in Australia.) It sounds as if it may be like an acrylic vinyl type paint. I bought a can of what I hoped would be a suitable similar (soft, no heat set, fabric paint), but it fell off the nylon in a big purple puddle. One more question, the application you use this paint for - is it more for rigid type kites or soft constructions? Im quite curious to know how the paint handles getting scrunched up/ folded etc.
  8. Hi Backspin - What sort of paint did Penny recomend you use? I am looking at screen printing some ripstop nylon.
  9. ok, I gave it a good shot. started out being a ground dweller, but ended up in the air hangin off a lifter. The day I finished sewing was the day that the wind died. He was tested in gale force winds, which wasn't very successful ;-) to a day later, with help and assistance and some rough rigging turned out Ok. Happy lil vegemite I is.
  10. I was only joking really. If you want to make a big kite. Go for it!!
  11. And here I was thinking that the llama was a heresay. But no I was mistaken There really is such a thing. I should log in more often.
  12. Mate, don't do it! Trying to design a 'beach baby' at the moment. Well the flintstones dino to be exact. 7m long, 4.4m widest circumfrence. Manually on paper with scale models and stuff. If it all works, its going to be a miracle! and take about 20-30 metres of fabric. Been looking around the net for pattern making software. The only thing that I've found so far that doesn't involve making a dress are high-end software packages + pattern plugins with a 12 month learning curve. One thing tho thats worth looking at are soft toys and how they are constructed (specially for ground dwellers),
  13. Stumbled across this one a few weeks back.. Soo... Where is she? Where is this bare naked lady of yours? Or did this particular lady end up having a hairy chest!
  14. Found a closer picy of the gobstopper if thats a help as well. Bigger Gobstopper
  15. I made a spike too, in cheap nasty horrible fabric, which amazingly enough is holding up quite well - tho looks after spike I do. Sounds as if you are making a 'Turkish delight', tho I think it looks more like the Willy Wonker Gob stopper. Gobstopper Seems to me, that with a ground dweller and the protusions of this creation, there could be all sorts of opportunities awaiting one who dared. I'm hoping to make a smaller version of a bronto, but we'll see. Fabric to do yet.
  16. Thought it was about time to add the southern link. Queensland Kite Flyers and looking for others to make themselves known.
  17. ARRGGHH its a parabola!! I never was very good at those Dorsal. LOL I've had an extremely quick scan at your link, but will read further as time allows. Lucky for me (depending on how you look at it) I am in Australia, there are a few aussies lurking here I think, and as far as I have found so far, best prices for a good rip stop are Bainbridge.
  18. Excellent, many thanks for the tips. Got an idea on which is good for what now.
  19. I have a query with Ripstop. I've been using a cheaper quality ripstop recently while I was starting out, but now not going to waste my time and money with it further. I have been sent samples of 3/4 oz and 1.5 oz ripstop, but am unsure what their typical applications might be. Can someone throw a little light on this? Its obvious that the lighter fabric would be great for windsocks etc, but to what size kite could this weight be used for. And what might be a fairly typical application for the heavier fabric? Its a bit of a curly one I know, with probably no hard and fast rules. But any input would be appreciated. Cheers Jan
  20. Ok, I admit it, Im a sucker for the Fugus and all those giant ground dwelling creatures. Favorites of mine discovered so far must be Anne Harris' menagerie. Has anyone else here made anything similar?
  21. Found this one a few weeks back, seems to have stacks of goodies. Kite Plan Base
  22. Heaven help me, don't want to work in miles, but your interpretation sound similar to knots, 10-20 mph is generally ok for something. Will need to take a print out of yours Craft - that must've taken some work - a handy reference. I pick options 2-4
  23. Its amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will do While I can't move the eye in this one, (cause theres a hole behind it) You're right tho Mike and Craft it IS top heavy. One sinker later and longer lines, and we'll see on my next run out to the beach - tomorrow with any sort of luck. (perfect day today tho, went out for a quick blat down to the beach during lunch) and you have both confirmed what I thought after my initial messing about. I'm trying to get far too complicated. Best to come up with a 4 piece tapered tube and tack on the highlights and frilly bits once that works.
  24. Thanks for the pic of your spike, I'd love to make some more of these types of inflatables. A lot of fun. Heres a pic of the 1st sock in testing mode in the back yard. (not a great deal of wind, so its abit soggy) The other 2 don't have inflatable fins. All are around 1.5metre in length (4-5 ft) the bridles are all 3 line and around about a foot in total, attached to a lightweight bearing swivel. used 20lb dacron. any ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.
  25. Thinking against the grain from all the americans. if it all goes pear shaped then they are all B%73st(#d's and are absolutly no part of me what soever. Tho I have to admit, even in my early kite flying career, when all goes well, then they are definitley female. Since most females, while sometimes having a shaky start always bring about peace and harmony Tho be warned fellas, as you all know. expect to be surprised when you least expect it.
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