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  1. Hey Rob! After reading your question I don't know if you are interested but I fly at a local park and have had quite alot of people that are interested getting into flying. The problem is there are no kite shops closer that 100 miles from our town. If you are still wanting to sell then e-m me let me know what you have and your asking prices. Thanks, >>>---> Bass. e-m bassfisher@bright.net
  2. Hey Bass.... I fly a couple of my foils on 2 lines, and I use 225# 110 ft lines with padded straps. I'm including a picture of my hand before I got the padded straps, it should convince you that they are a good investment. I like to fly my larger foils with 4 lines, because you can easily kill the pull if you need to. ~Rob. "Hi Rob, Thanks for your response, I was thinkin along the same line. Also I recieve an e-mail with an offer to purchase a "Hurricane" harness set up w/standard bridle. Also a "pulley? thingy". Included is a extra 300# bridle. Also they said I should use at least a 300# line set.Very seldom do we get wind over 15mph and thoes days a few. Would I need anything like that.
  3. Ok, Here go's, I just bought a 3.5 meter "Peel" duel line. I'm not going to use it with a buggy,on water,etc. I just want to be drug all over the field with shoes on. My question/s, # line, how long should they be,what type of handle/s, straps and everything else that I foregot to ask ya'll >>>----> :confused!:
  4. bass

    What wuz it!

    Does anyone know what kite Ari Contzius flew at the 2003 Mid Alantic SKC in the Ocean City, Md.? He took 3rd. Place MIB. Khule wind to all !
  5. "Howdy Kiters", If anyone has information on where I may purchase a multipal line set storage case, please advise. I know there out there but don't know where. Thanks >>>----> Bassfish
  6. Gday Kiteguy! Here's my answer to your problem. You get what you pay for! I found out this is very true. However, you will find that once you are into flying you " WILL" be hooked! I started the same way. I wanted to fly without spending too much, then after getting my first kite I wanted a better one, (I shouldn't have watched all those videos). So, after getting a better one, better one ,better one.etc 15 more times, I now own 18 kites! (two are quads) By the way I didn't start till May of this year! In summing up, you might talk your wife into getting a second or third job so you can go "Kite Crazy" . It will happen...
  7. "Thanks", Also many thanks to everyone for your advise. You all were most helpful, I'm very glad to have joined Kitelife. This kite thingy is so kule! "Good winds to all !"...Bill
  8. Well, I have about 30 hours on my "Spirit" and I think it's a great kite! I'm not that good yet with it, but it's a heck of alot of fun. Caution!, It's so much fun, it caused me to get a Rev.1.5 SUL
  9. Gday Penny, No I haven't flown it yet. I had a heart problem and haven't been able to try. I do have a problem tho, I can't figure why there is a line at the bottom that attached to either end. It has quite a bit of slack also. I contacted NewTech and they didn't know either. I thought that they would contact the designer and find out but they didn't. Still don't know. I might ask Dorsel, if anyone would know it would be him...Bill
  10. Thanks , your info was appreciated--now if I can only get time to fly it--
  11. Thanks so much for your concern. Now to get the nerve to fly it!
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