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  1. Lookin good! Black not working for vertical wear strips. Auto-fill does not do the extra vent. Will logo be available in the same colors as Rev Colorizer?

    Ah, you're right about the issues with the xtra vent. I had to update the template earlier, and must have forgot a step. I'll get that fixed soon. The logo should be able to be colored the same as it is in the Rev Colorizer. It is done just like any other panel.

    Will save try to save design and make public.

    No, saving the design will just save it. You can make it public ine settings menu (gear icon), or it will ask you if you try to share it.

    The backgrounds don't save; should they?

    No, the background is not considered to be part of the design. It's just there for user''s visualization.

    Will you be adding the Zen?

    No plans to, no. The B-Series PRO was added as my launching product because I built the one for Rev in the past. Any future additions will be individual deals with manufacturers.

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  2. I have a side project that I have been working on for the last few months. It was somewhat of an experiment with different technologies, and has been very much a learning experience. But, today I am ready to announce the beta launch of kitepaint.com.

    This is a beta launch, so the project is at the point of usability, but is not yet finished. The reason I am beta launching this is to get some more eyes on the project to find bugs that I may have missed, and to see what public opinion is and how it may influence changes to the site.

    I am launching with only one product at the moment, the Revolution B-Series PRO. But, I am hoping to add more to the site in the future.

    Feel free to play around on it, and let me know what you think!



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  3. I've been searching for instructions or a step by step tutorial on how to perform a 2 point landing. The most I got was this video, which shows a guy doing it over and over again.
    Cool vid but his hands move so fast I can't seem to get the whole thing down. I have been trying this for a little while now and the best I can do is get a stall a bit off the ground. I've walked it forward and it floats down but I can't seem to get the snappiness I see others do when performing the 2 point landing. Can someone either direct me to or provide me with a good step by step on doing the 2 point landing in the middle of the window?
    Thanks in advance. I'm new to organized flying and really want to get better at flying with intent.

    Hey Augustus,

    When I do a two point landing, it is very similar to how I do a half axel. Here is a good tutorial on how to do a half axel:

    I basically just drive down the center of the window, and hit a hard half axel just before hitting the ground.

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  4. I have wanted to learn to fly a REV ever since I ran across them on you tube. But at the same time I have looked for a video that showed the very basic's in controlling one. I have seen a few but it all looked confusing to me. I had been looking for the video how to fly a REV for dummies (me). Until today I found a video that is perfect for learning the very basics on keeping the kite In the air. I am so thankful for finding this because now more then ever, I know there is hope for me. Not sure if I am allowed to post links to it so I will just say thanks to Joe. I am so excited this week I will be looking for anything I own to sell just so I can get me a REV and start learning to fly. Sorry I don't have any kites to sell I only own two right now. One of which I just bought used from Charly and got it today.

    If I can post link please let me know. If I cant that's ok .

    Thanks, Mike

    Quick someone call a nurse I think I got a fever....... :kid_drool:

    Glad to hear it. Nothing wrong with posting links.

    On another note, there are some good free beginner rev tutorials available here. Some videos are particularly helpful, like Line Management, Flat Relaunch, and Changing Frames.

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  5. I was just wondering what line I should get for a dual line kite. I understand that kites require different line. What I don't know Is the best all around line for its lasting ability. Line that does not Frey or break easy, least amount of friction and so on I'm sure I am missing a few questions. So I am trying to learn about different line and the differences between them.

    Laser Pro, Laser Pro Gold, Spectra, Dacron and so on.

    Ultimately what is your go to line for best performance?

    What you want is a good spectra line. Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Speed, Shanti Skybond, and Berry Blue are all good products for duel line. I generally lean toward Laser Pro because I like it's resistance to stretch and creep (stretch over time) which is particularly important to me when flying Revs. I haven't found other products that quite match it.

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  6. I'd tape it with Tedlar - front and back for best strength! Since it's clear it shouldn't even show!! Make the tape patch oversized a bit, so it completely covers the rip!

    The super glue method I've heard about, but never tried yet!

    Tedlar tape is my remedy of choice as well. Just be sure to cut off a round patch. Any corners on the tape can come loose and make the tape start to peel off.

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  7. I am an outdoor Glider Flyer.

    I used to just grab any old line to fly my Wala's on.

    The Wala XL always used the line it came with.

    The Zero-G line got lost, and I started to use some cheap Dacron I had lying around.

    Then I decided I should have some nice line on a decent winder, something neat.

    I found I had 30m of 50# spectra lying about. I put it on a winder and away I went.

    It is certainly thinner and lighter than Dacron, and I like it.

    Smooth inputs and low glide resistance.

    I am glad I put some effort into setting it up.

    I have seen that Horvath has different thickness lines available, has anyone tried them?

    What Line do You use for your Single line gliders, indoor or outdoor?

    I would say that it depends on both the kite, and the person flying it.

    I know the Barresi family uses what might as well be an extremely long strand of hair to fly their Zen gliders on. I use 50lb spectra to fly my iFlight, or pretty much any indoor glider that I use. I have seen others, and have even used a variety of heavier lines as well. Some folks like the additional weight of the heavy line.

    To break it down, larger types of kites should probably be using at least 50# line, and super light kites probably shouldn't be using super heavy line, but it really comes down to personal preference.

  8. I wind my dual line sets figure 8 style, and my quad line sets like John suggests. If you figure-8 with attention & care, they come out even (as long as your lines are even). And if they don't... so what ? They unroll perfectly, without snags. John's method is faster, but almost always snags when you're rolling them out. I always use a stake, I don't know how well it works with the stake-less method...

    To be fair, I wind up using the same method as John. My lines very rarely snag while I unwind the lines. 90% of the time, I hook on the lines, turn around, and walk away as the lines unravel without any stops.

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  9. What is the difference between the B Standard and the B Pro? From looking at Rev's site and various online store descriptions the only difference I've found is the Pro is hand sewn by Bazzer.

    I have a Standard with black race rods and ultra lite rods. I've been PMing with JB and mentioned I'd like a lower wind Rev. JB stated if I am a static flyer the Zen might be the way to go, if I am a dynamic flyer a Pro with race rods is worth consideration.

    Another question is there any shop that sells sails/bridles only without frames?


    The B-Series PRO is built with a higher quality material than the regular B. Bazzer also has quite a few techniques that help reduce wear, such as extra reinforcement on the leading edge tips, extra reinforcement in the bottom V, and the vertical reinforcement panels. Basically, it's made better and will last longer.

    I think pretty much any Rev Retailer would be able to sell a pro as sail-only. I'm pretty sure The Kite Shoppe will sell you pretty much any rev sail-only if you wish. I can't confidently speak for other shops, but I wouldn't be surprised if A Wind of Change and some others do the same.

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  10. Not been doing a whole lot of flying outside of festivals. I did go to Windless, and a video from there ended up going viral, so that's fun. Over 348,000 views now...

    Other then that, got Milton in a couple weeks. Mostly been working and going to school. I'll be graduating in May, so just trying to keep from screwing up at the last minute.

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  11. My usual method to clean lines is to let them soak in water, and rub them with my thumbs while the line is still on the winder. This get most of the sand and salt off of the lines. I've heard of some people using wd-40 on a rag, and applying it down the length of the lines. I've never tried this before, and cannot comment on its effectiveness.

    Generally, when lines get to the point where they are binding too much, it is time to buy a new line set. You can tell it's time when you can see a lot of little spines poking out off of the line. I fly pretty often, and a line set will usually last 1-3 years for me, depending on what I do with them. Sand is particularly abrasive, and dog-staking kills a line set pretty quick.

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  12. Try adding another shoulder strap to it and you can carry it like a backpack!! Leaves both hands free to carry things!! The second strap balances the bag out so you don't have to put it over your head and across your back!!

    At the very least, I like having an extra belt loop sewn on the top end of the bag. That strap has a tendency to lift off over the top, so a bit of fabric about a foot in or so keeps the strap in place.

  13. What is it that you are looking to do with your kite? You seem to be looking into parafoil kites, are you looking for something to pull you around, or just something to move around the sky?

    As for the kites you mentioned, of the two, if it were me, I'd lean toward the Peter Lynn simply because I know the name. I'm not very familiar with kites4U, and they may be just as reliable a manufacturer as Peter Lynn, but I like to go with what I know. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with parafoil products in general. However, if my experience as a sport kite flyer has taught me anything, you generally get what you pay for. A $40 kite tends to fly like a $40 kite.

    If you are still perusing the options for a parafoil, I would recommend taking a look at Prism and HQ. Both are well known manufacturers, and big names in the power kite industry in particular.

    Hope that helps!

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