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  1. My favorite glider kite is the Horvath Hybride 250 , I also have the 200 and 130. I've had plutzes, wala, skate, manta but the hybrides are the ones I fly most. I also like using a wand made out of 2 two wrap rev rods with a home made eye on the end from a piece of wire clothes hanger using 85 ft. Of 90# line.
  2. Cool! I prefer a wand like a fishing rod with one eye at the tip with the line running on the outside https://picasaweb.google.com/115363278179580176575/20100415Kites?authkey=Gv1sRgCMaD05vNg7ySxQE#5461395990443369570 (less resistance and less fraying ) and line control with two hands, think fly fishing. I also use a much lighter line.....just sayin'
  3. I like to use a wand too, coat hanger eye (less resistance than running it through rod) taped to a section of a 2 wrap rev rod https://picasaweb.google.com/115363278179580176575/20100415Kites?authkey=Gv1sRgCMaD05vNg7ySxQE#5461395990443369570
  4. Absolutely ! I prefer twitchy, it gets me in to trouble faster, but I can also get out of trouble faster I like to fly the smaller kites (Cherry Bombs/ Microns for MKF because of the small field I fly on and It's less tiring. I noticed Ray Bethel uses relatively short handles in relation to the size of the Kestrels he flies which I'm sure contributes to his smooth flying.
  5. Yes I do, you can make your own using an old wooden broom handle or dowel cut to about 8 inches. Practice flying with one first, switching hands. Or you could just jump in and try both at once. Tails help, I use 48 ft. skywriter tails from Gomberg on 75 ft. lines. Have fun!
  6. Flying 2 Microns at the same time is even more fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQPz-y1HwIY
  7. All very true except the bowel movement part. If somebody walked up to me while I was flying and asked me how my bowel movement was, I would laugh so hard that I might have one on the spot and I don't usually bring a change of underwear with me when I fly:)
  8. Out of all the glider kites that I have, the Horvath Hybrides are my favorite. Duane, have you ever thought about putting a small electric motor and propeller on your rev?
  9. It's been foggy with no/low winds for the last couple of days, so I've been flying my Horvath Hybrid 200, Focus echo and Fearless sul:)
  10. Hey Duane, if you want to see some of my kites go here: My link
  11. I'm out flying every day no matter what the wind is or isn't. Today was a no wind/light wind day so I flew my Horvath Hybrid 200 slk glider, Focus Echo and Fearless sul. I used to give kites away, but no more because I never see the kites/people again. So now I just hold on to the kites and let people fly them if they show interest.
  12. Great flying as usual John:) BTW what is the name of and how can I get the glider kite you were flying?
  13. Ray Bethel flew 3 stacks of 13 Dynakites for a total of 39 in 2003. Mix McGraw flew one stack of 230 modified Hyperkite Starfighters in Oct 2003. So you beat Ray but you would have to have 3 stacks of 77 to beat McGraw. Good job:) P.S. on your poll maybe you should add a MAYBE.
  14. I was on a symmetrical quad kite kick awhile ago looking for better reverse flying including an Airbow and HQ M-Quad http://www.foreverflying.com/mquad.html While they do fly as well backward as forward they don't track as well as a rev in flying straight flight. On the other hand they do great propeller spins. The Airbow seems to have a narrow wind range, not too high, not too low. The HQ M-Quad is a smaller kite on shorter lines and is quit twitchy. They are fun interesting kites in their own way, but if your interested in quad kite flying you have to ask yourself why are there so man
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