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  1. The Kite Shoppe Forum is the best way to stay up to date, on the latest kites and prices, they have to offer. Theresa will also post, if she is going out of town, how long she will be gone, when to expect the shoppe to re-open.
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    Half Axel

    The Half Axel drove me up the wall, for the longest time. I could Axel, but the half eluded me. I watched the Prism and Randy G video multiple times, but still couldn't quite get it. At our local field, we are fortunate to have a flyer, who is great at breaking down tricks. My Axel technique is similar to what Dodd Gross, teaches on his "Flight School", video. I stall the kite, push forward with one hand, to dip the wing and then pop the wing with the same hand. I immediately give slack with the opposite hand. When I'd try to Half Axel, the kite would end up in all sorts of wierd positions.
  3. It's hard to believe that we are in the middle of summer. I don't think I've seen anyone since Lincoln City. Isn't it amazing how things can keep you off the field? Until today, I hadn't flown since Memorial Day. Winds were okay, typical, inland gusty winds. Anyone up for a fun fly tomorrow (July 19) at Delta? I'll probably be there in the afternoon around 3:00pm. If you can make it come on out.
  4. Kite recommendations are pretty much useless. You never know if your going to like a kite until you fly it. Once you find out what you prefer in a kite, a recommendation can help you decide if a new kite on the market is worth checking out. One of the reasons why I mentioned forming a relationship with a reputable kite store as a good first step, is that most of them will allow you to fly a kite before you buy. The last time I was in the Kite Shoppe I believe I saw three bags of nothing but demo kites. They have a demo for most every kite they sell.
  5. You'd be one of the few to have a negative experience with the Night Hawk. Last January - February, there was quite a buzz about the kite. Most of the comments posted on the forums were quite positive. Nobody else seemed to have the problems you mentioned.
  6. Welcome to the Forum, Kiting is a very subjective sport, everybody has an opinion. Ask a question and you will get ten different answers, which makes it confusing for the beginner. There are stages, we all go through as we learn to fly. A good chunk of the learning is done on your own. You've got to get out there and fly. It is very helpful though to have people you can turn to and ask questions. The first step is to get to know the people at a kite store. They can answer your questions and make suggestions not only on your first kite, but second, third, etc.... One kite will not fly in all
  7. The person you want to get in touch with is Hiflistorr. He is a huge fan of Level One Kites and can tell you all about all the different models. He posts at thekiteshoppe.com and GWTW. The Kite Shoppe has a specific forum on Level One you might want to check out. What I've seen of the Genesis, its a very impressive kite. I was at Trick's Party at Ocean Shores, WA. The conditions that day were less then ideal. A thick mist covered the field and winds were blowing between 13mph and 16mph with gusts. Every top of the line kite was represented, Nirvanas, Quantum Pro, Sea Devils, Viper, Tantrum, S
  8. The dual line article is one of the best on flying in general. Practicing the controlled circle has helped to improve my flying skills. (I still suck though ) Alot of what I learned in light wind flying translates when the winds pick up. I was on the field when the pictures were being taken for the quad line article. It was an absolute zero wind day. Even the SUL's were having trouble staying up. John Barresi was flying one handed 360's with a rev and doing all sorts of other cool stuff. For those of lucky enough to be flying that day. We all got tips from John on how to fly in light wind.
  9. I'm hired? Woo Hoo a job I can finally love. A rough proposal for your consideration. The resource-guide page is a quick reference to provide information on basic kite topics. Comprehensive articles on kiting are the main stay of Kite Life. The resource-guide is meant to be a support to Kite Life. Providing a reference to give back ground and explain terms found in the Kite Life articles. The resource-guide should focus mainly on helping people get their kites into the air. And supporting them as they learn to fly. Additionally the resouce, can be a quick reference to all flyers. With p
  10. I envision a comprehensive kiting resource that is part "encylopedia" part "how to guide" and part "reference guide". The encyclopedia would explain such things such as: Precision flying, free style flying, competition flying, light wind flying, indoor flying. Quadline, fighter, single line kites, and foils. The how to guide would explain, how to make line sets, replace a broken rod, repair a torn sail, make a bridle, roll up a kite, clean a dirty kite. The reference guide would have a knot tying chart, a table listing the different types of fittings, specs for kites that include rods fitti
  11. Oh Oh Oh, I've got more! An article on indoor flying. Everything from choosing equipment to techniques to finding a place to fly.
  12. On another forum, I saw a posting from Kite Life where John and Dave both encouraged suggestions on how to improve Kite Life. Instead of posting on that forum, I figured that I'd do it here. Being the greedy little person I am, I want a lot! I'd love to see articles for the beginning to intermediate flyers. The current mantra is learn how to stall kite, then move on to tricks. It's been my experience and in talking to other flyers, that it takes time to just learn how to the fly the kite. Articles on how moving the feet makes a difference. What maneuvers to practice, not tricks. My most valua
  13. Hi Fish, You've got a great list of kites. Almost everyone of them is the flagship kite of the respective manufacturer. Therefore the most expensive. There are some excellent mid range kites available. Prism makes two of them, the E-2 and the Quantum. The E-2 is a great package, that includes a d.v.d., wind meter, booklet, lines and kite. A number of fliers have commented that the E-2 out of the bag is a good enough to win trick competitions. The Quantum would be a great introduction into the current Precision/Ballet kites. Its built to take a pounding. Other companies you might want to t
  14. Why do I feel like I'm missing somthing? I'm very excited about flying in light winds, because a month ago, I couldn't do it. John Barresi wrote an article, "Milking the Wind". It provided the final piece of the puzzle for me. As an added bonus, John demonstrated a few points of the article at a fun fly, which was very helpful. While John's article and demo were the key in unlocking light wind flying. I'd be remiss, if I didn't also point out that our local expert give me a lot of tips, which I practiced. Light wind flying is about technique and touch. I've had a sneaking suspicion that Pris
  15. One of my favorite quotes is "You can't learn Kung Fu from a book". That is also true of flying a kite. I voiced my frustrations over how long it was taking me to learn how to fly to John Barresi. I've been doing it seriously for two years. I go out at least once a week if the weather allows it. Of the many tips that John passed on that day, the one that really resonated was tricks will happen naturually as you grow as a flyer. For example it was a light wind day. He did a few rotations a the top of the window, then said, "to turn this into an axel you just help the kite along". He popped
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