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  1. Try a Google search for "Handle/line colors".
  2. Also what's the best way to pack up a kite after you're finished flying for the day?I don't mean long term storage just for a day or two.
  3. VOL

    what to do about

    Being right is one thing but being righteous is another. I was flying in the soccer field when a boy came up to me and said there's gonna be a soccer game here in half an hour. I said ok and that I would leave. I landed immediately and as I was taking in my flying line a half a dozen adults appeared and started installing their chairs and stuff around my kite. A couple of the men were questioning what my kite was as if it was some kind of garbage. I was approaching slowly as I was winding my line. One of them said to me "what are we doing here?". The man was actually red in the face and was displaying an aggressive body posture. I said "we are leaving ,sir". He just turned and stomped off. On another note the soccer crowd damage the field. At the goal posts the grass is all gone and there is just a mud pit there with standing water which is good for mosquitoes to breed. Right is one thing, righteous is another. I'm in Canada and I'm facing the same problems. I refuse to get righteous. So I'll just keep trying to be right. Happy flying
  4. How did you attach your lineset to the pigtails? I also don't quite understand how the beads work
  5. I've never flown the FC but if I may I want to second the motion as far as precision goes. The Silver Fox 2.5 std I own and flew for the first time today was on the three point bridle and it's a pleasure to fly. No surprises, very smooth. It seems to ask: "Ok what do we do next?" Nice kite.
  6. I flew the Silver Fox 2.5 std today. First thing when I took it out of the bag and checked it I found one of the leading edge tip knocks was not glued and came off in the rubber cap. I dug it out of the cap and glued it on. The rest was straight forward and the kite flew like a champion. Very nice flight. Response was crisp and stability was excellant. It has a place in my A-bag
  7. Another Rev Flier yaaa! I flew my three Revs yesterday for 5 hours. The 1.5 vented first. It was nice to me, forgiving and smooth. I learned to fly Revs with it and I mean yesterday. Then switched to the Rev 1. It has character. Flew it for a couple of hours. Tip landings and launches, hovers in the middle of the power zone, reverse landings and launches, stable reverse passes across the window, dives from the top of the window to stops inches above ground. Fantastic! Then I went to the Power Blast 2-4. Oh wow power to spare. Now that's a thrill.
  8. Hi, I have a Silver Fox 2.5 std but have not flown it yet. Today might be the day,lol. I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. I'm there now and almost everyday. Some chat rooms have constant traffic but alot of chat rooms don't. It's real time and if you just pop in see nothing and pop out you will miss everybody else who does the same. I log in minimize the window and do other stuff. There is an audible in\out\message alert. That works for me. I find people come in and leave quickly even when I'm there. Maybe I look funny to them, lol. See you there.
  10. Hey antman I'm in. You get the girls phone number?
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