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  1. Aerochic

    B-Series STD Package (9/25/14)

    Congrats, Robin!!!
  2. 5-10mph is just about perfect for many single line kites! I would consider 5 and below more of a low wind situation. That being said, you can never go wrong with a delta kite. There are so many sizes, designs, and price ranges for them. While I'm more into sport kiting now, it was my single lines that really sparked my interest in kiting years ago. I still fly my "SLKs" when I just want to kick back and relax. I've seen some nicely made inexpensive deltas by Prism and HQ out there. If you don't have any kite shops near you, there are some wonderful places online to get good kites: Into The Wind, Gomberg Kites, Flying Smiles Kites, The Kite Shoppe, The Kite Loft...
  3. Aerochic

    B-Series STD Package (9/25/14)

    Ok, I'm going to jump in on this one. I don't have a B or BPro full sail and my beloved 1.5 is like tissue paper now… Best of Luck to All!
  4. Aerochic

    Karma - Kite Mug (6/14/14)

    Congrats, Marshall! I hope you enjoy it!
  5. Aerochic

    Karma - Kite Mug (6/14/14)

    Neato!!! Even ~I~ don't own one of these! I've donated frosted mugs of my designs to AKA auctions over the years and I can say they are really nice! Needless to say, I'm not in on this one.
  6. Aerochic

    Best quad line for low wind?

    Paul LaMasters is the King of Light Wind, I would always take his advice on this!
  7. Only a few stakes left! I'm working on new ones to bring to the Wildwood Kite Festival with me. Feel free to message me with color requests.
  8. Oh No! Check your PMs, Sky.
  9. You're getting a really COOL one, Sky! I don't think I could replicate that one if I tried.
  10. Some more colorful stakes to brighten someone's day! Take a better peek at them here: I should also mention that I have plans to be at the Wildwood Kite Festival next month. If anyone would like me to make some custom stakes, I'd be happy to bring them with me. Drop me a message please.
  11. Oh Yay! I'm SO glad you like them, Wayne! I'm also thrilled that you're still enjoying yours, Ken!! You're one of my very first custom orders! Oh! I am also working on a new batch… Check my site in the near future.
  12. Nice to see you on the forum Quad Kit, it's been awhile!!! As for your stake… Awwww. Sounds like some good memories are attached to that! I have a few stakes currently left on my Etsy site, but I am in the process of restocking my supplies and making more. Any color combination requests? You can see many of my previous stakes here, if you're curious about what I've already done: And of course, I'll do custom orders upon request. Just send me a message if you'd like me to do that.
  13. YAY! Very happy to see them going to a well loved home!
  14. I'm SO glad that you're happy with them! I'm constantly looking for ways to improve upon them.