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  1. I agree in a sense but just like anything else if ya dont know who your dealing with they'll try and sell ya anything-------------
  2. so your saying they all fly diffrent but will all trick ?? but is just finding out what touch it takes and character of a certain kite ?? some trick better than others ?? it sounds like the bottom line would be "get one kite and stick with it !!! figure it out then move on to something else or is that too realistic ?.............. :)Im controversial as hell, just humor me
  3. jorge, Im by no means an expert but can share what Ive learned so far.....ya cant really expect to float a kite down for a 2 point in the middle of the window cause its gonna wanna take right off, so off to the side of the window and some fancy foot work will work, we all gotta pay our dues so keep strokin
  4. if ya cant test fly a potential make/model of a kite or dont know anyone who has one some of us are forced to just pay the price and find out for ourselfs!!!..............havent been flyin but about 8 months but already own 12 kites and have a good idea whats goin on. but finding the "right one" and learning the characteristix has been a challange and takes time and $$$$.... Not mentioning brands, I have one very nice home brew I payed $230 for " wide chord/low aspect ratio"and swear it will not pop up off the ground into a fade position !!!but will side slide fairly well.... then thiers the
  5. re this subject something just crossed my mind, Ive heard some say go to shorter lines, so Im trying 50 footers.......yes the kites closer but ofcourse reacts much faster thierfore if Im coming out of a 1/2 loop at the edge and enter into a slide the kite almost always wants to tilt one way or the other, as in nomatter how little input I give the lines "line" and step into it ,it always oversteers and turns sideways. BTW the bridles on low wind>>>>>>>>dont mind me Im just yakkin
  6. thanx for the info.............
  7. thanx partner, so if ya wanted you could install a regular bridle right??
  8. can you plez tell me where the big bang review is---thanx
  9. Im still interested with the hornet and read your article I also ask the seller site to send me a closer picture of the plastic bridle adjust but it wasnt a close enuff shot so didnt see too much. any time I hear the word plastic I get scepticle thinking it could be breakable and wearout fast or in short "a mickey mouse sorta thing but on the other hand we use many plastic parts on our helicopters if thier not metal so can you tell me more about this plastic part or send a better picture ---thanx
  10. thanx for the replies
  11. sounds like ya hit the nail on the head as in--------get around some other flyers and get some help !!! I can dig it BTW being from the whidbey island area Id be interested as in where I can find some flying activity, yall out there???-----cheers
  12. geeez am I the only one who ask questions on here??? anyway whats the trick to this sideslide thing?? seems like I been working on this way too long and its not falling into place. making a fast pass to the edge then a 1/2 loop to an upright position, the kite will stay upright for a few feet then itll want to tip to one side or the other. Ill give it a slight input to bring it back upright and itll over correct and turn sideways.......this is an elixer on 80 ft. lines with a nice gentle breeze, anything wrong with this picture??? thanx for the input
  13. looking for information about the stuntkite "the hornet.............94 span 10 oz. wind range 2-20 have you owned one of these kites???
  14. thanx for the input, I been getting lotta tip wraps when trying to retrieve from "belly down away"and tried to jerk the kite upright as instructed, so I tried the string thing and it seems to be working just fine-------------- cheers
  15. Ive sometimes seen a line attached to the bottom of the trailing edge of stunters and assume it prevents the lines from getting tip wrapped----is this a common practice or a training device?????--------------cheers
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