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  1. I was introduced to Mike at Worlds last Summer... I had heard of him, knew about him but only just begun to know him. I know how much he meant to many of you... My thoughts to his family and the friends that will miss him. Scott
  2. Hey Alan, work is going to force me to be late on Saturday and I would highly reccomend that you choose another floor director. You probly don't want to wait on me. Scott
  3. Brian and Heather as T mentioned but they have a factory sponsored flier in Seaside, I believe his name is Ely? He will be there as well. Scott
  4. cdcflyer

    Second kite

    The Beetle is small, fast and durable... as far as tricks go, the beetle is small fast and durable. My recomendation is move on to another kite... Nighthawk by Premier is next logical step, it has great durabilty and will do ALL the tricks, a superb design... The beetle is a great kite to learn how to control a dual line but there comes a time that you outgrow it, but it is small, fast and durable... Scott
  5. cdcflyer


    Just today I was having a conversation about a car hittin a wall at 5mph and how much damage you can do. A kite will absorb an impact of far greater speeds than that and in comparison, the technology is relatively simple. The Beetle is almost bullet proof, still see them break but extremely durable. Size is the major factor here... Take a piece of steel rod 1/2" thick 8" long and bend it, pretty hard to bend. Take the same steel and make it 8' long and it so flimsy it wobbles when you pick it up. Same goes for wingspan on a kite, the smaller the stronger. Penny is right, The Nighthawk from Premier, a little over 6ft and tricky as the day is long. A little less bullet proof but still extremely durable. Prism also has the Quantum which is pretty much designed for the new flyer in mind with some shock absorbing innovations. A little harder to trick and pulls like a freight train at 12mph though. Welcome GW Scott
  6. Hey John, Hope all is well in New Mexico... Happy Birthday
  7. Hey Jay, I am sorry to hear that you contracted such a bug, very difficult to cure... Right now the Premier kites are the hot ticket. Both the Nighthawk and Magnum out perform their retail price by a long shot. Both are fully trick capable, both are well built, both come ready to fly and both Highly Recommended over the Prism's. If you do go with Prism... Go Fanatic... A little harder to fly in the beginning but the reward is much greater. Good luck!
  8. Inspected, It will strictly be a bridle adjustment issue... adjusting standoffs does change the characteristics on some kites but the Addiction is fine in the stock setup. Yor bridle is obviously set too low, how low I cant say without seeing it... the best I can do here is tell you to first, make sure both tow points are in the same place in relation to the rest of the kite. Second, move the tow points up in 1/4" increments test fly and repeat until it feels right, when you get to that point, the fine tuning is in a reasonable wind, at the center of the window, the kite should rise to directly above your head, 75-85 degrees in relation to the ground. If it wont go that high move up a little more, if you go to far there won't be any pull and it will turn way to s-l-o-w, then move it down a bit. As far as the winder goes, when you are done flying, wind both lines in reasonably tight figure eights on the winder while walking towards the kite, disconnect fly lines and secure, either with the attatched elastic strap or a big rubber band. When setting up, connect the fly lines to the assembled kite and unwind as you walk away being careful to unwind from the same direction that you wound it up. When you are done all you have to do is put the winder in your pocket and launch.
  9. Hi Jeff, Delta Park is a viable field and alive with kite fliers! It is the home practice field for the sport kite team TKS Mid Air and we fly there every Sunday that we are not competing. Spontanious flies occur during the week as well on Wed. Thurs. Fri. Team TKS Mid Air is composed of John Barresi, (editor and master of this very site), Scott Ralston, who along with Theresa own and operate one of the premier sport kite shops in the country, The Kite Shoppe, located across the bridge in Vancouver, and two other fliers Moon Kushner and Jim McPherson. All of us have one common interest... The Kiting Community! There are many fliers that regularly show up and the skill levels are all over the map, interacting and learning from others is a regular feature when we are there. The shop always brings a bag full of kites for everyone to fly and we are talkin serious kites... The best you can find anywhere and what we don't have... some of the other fliers do. We will be there probably both days this weekend tuning up for the next event. John wont be there because he is flying individual in, and covering a National event for Kitelife. But come out, introduce your self and see what kind of flying we can get done. Hope to see you there.
  10. Hey Geoff Can't answer specifics about weight wind and lift but can talk about new gen parafoils. Most that I know of like HQ Beamer 2.5, Ozone L.D's etc... are quad line and when you get into trouble, it's real easy to bail out of the wind... Do a little research on quad line foils. I do believe that 2.5 meters is probably a little small for serious hoppin. Probably need to be in the 5 meter category. Foils are similar to dual line but inputs are WAY BIGGER, face plants are a little more common as well as rotator cuff issues. Good luck, have fun and be careful, watchin from the sidelines on crutches is probably a less desirable situation. Scott
  11. Really... The 1.8 will fly indoors? Even though it won't fly indoor without some walking, bridle adjustment should get you to 1/2mph. Some of the nose seams tend to be a little rough on all my CDC kites. I usually take care of them before first flight. Time to move up to the 1.9 or the 2.1...
  12. Can't tell you how many times I have heard that lately... The problem is that when that happens, everyone is in the dark.... Sorry.
  13. I would say then it comes down to the actual design, Does it have a bridle? Is it in a traditional eddy shape or other? Is it aerodynamically sound? I would edit your post and for the subject line put "single line guys...HELP". They would probably have an answer.
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