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  1. FortFlyer

    Quad Race Rods...

    Duane, Keep this quiet ... don't tell anyone else. Don't get caught up in chasing that elusive "thing" that others lead you to believe will instantly make you into an accomplished, but older, JB. If you enjoy chasing the latest great thing, and you can afford it, than go for it. However, realize that the only thing that will make you into a great kite flier is hours and hours of very enjoyable practice. At our club get together, it's interesting to watch the beginners become grounded when the wind starts to die down. Next, the intermediate fliers to come to ground. Finally, there will be one member still flying ... with an old, well worn SLE. If it was windy earlier in the day, he probably installed 3-wrap rods and was too lazy to take them out as the wind died down. So, old equipment, wrong equipment, and not the latest, newest, best thing, and yet, he's flying when the rest of us are unable. The difference is practice ... sorry, just plain old ordinary practice. Oh yes, there is one thing that can really speed up the learning curve. Fly with others every chance you get. It's amazing what you can pick up flying with others. And, ask for help!!! I asked Bazzer once how to do a reverse tip pivot ... in five minutes he made the process so clear that I was able to do it before the day was over ... maybe they looked a bit goofy, but they looked good to me! Cheers, Tom Very Sound advice and probably the best you'll ever get right there. With experience you can spank just about anyone with a old EXP in hardly any wind. Race rods are great for their ability to spring back to shape after loading up usually good in a standard sail up to about 10mph after that they get a bit squishy but would work great in a vented from 5-15mph (with practice) Enjoy them they are great.
  2. FortFlyer

    Iceland - 2010 - Snowkiting Adventure Trip

    Someday maybe in my next life.
  3. FortFlyer

    Silver Fox UL

    Damn I hope I don't win that one, I mean seriously look at it can't even fly straight all it does is flop around in the wind. Poor John had to run around in circles just to get it to fly somewhat straight, Gotta give him credit though he kept at it I would have stopped trying to control that thing long before.
  4. FortFlyer

    Forum Templates/Skins

    Just a small bit of advice to make everyone happy in the easiest way. Make the default forum the simplest and less cluttered it can be as it is now on the Rev Forum and offer other options for the people that want it. You know the tech savvy people will find their way to the other skins and features. This to me would seem to be a more inviting way to keep people from being shocked and frustrated into not visiting as often. Me personally I'm still not to fond of this one, way too many box's side panes status's ext. ext. especially on this 42" monitor it looks like Wall St. Once I was able to collapse the ones I wanted (and keep them that way) it seems a bit better aside from once in awhile I come on and it's all exploded again (I'm thinking ya made an adjustment that reset things) although that hasn't happened in a bit. Anyway that's my 2 cents+tax I'm sure you get the jist of what I mean. Hope that helps some, Or adds more confusion cause that can be fun too
  5. FortFlyer

    Mid-Vent Black Rainbow

    Race rods are basically 2 wrap weight with 3 wrap stiffness and some added quicker reflex. With what you have I would suggest trying 3 wrap center with 2 wrap outer's in the LE and 2 wrap down spars for light wind. That is pretty much what most used before the race rods were made. That and lots of practice
  6. FortFlyer

    Mid-Vent Black Rainbow

    You might be surprised how low wind a mid-vent with race rods will fly, With some practice 2-4 mph is very doable. Lower with some fancy footwork
  7. Damn Fakes, Nothing but garbage and a insult.
  8. FortFlyer

    2009 AKA Grand Nationals (daily updates)

    Thanks for the daily updates John, I do enjoy reading them to see whats going on
  9. FortFlyer

    What is your favorite dual line kite right now?

    Lam freaks me out with what he does with those dualies, Totally boggles my mind.
  10. FortFlyer

    On Facebook!

    That could be a Dangerous statement, But also fun
  11. FortFlyer

    wildwood kite festival

    We got ya covered Dodd, No worries you know that
  12. FortFlyer

    Night Clinic

    Wonder where he gets that from John
  13. FortFlyer

    Single Line Manufacturers

    Thats sweet cody, what sizes do you make them in ?? any bigger ones ??
  14. FortFlyer


    OK are you done playing in Taiwan so you can come back here and play in Rhode Island That is beautiful country there you may have to kidnap me and take me back next time. As always great seeing your pictures they are great. Be Good, Jim
  15. FortFlyer

    Two one year renewals, chime in!

    Sweet this is great, Aside from an additional 12 more chances at winning a prize I feel the wealth of knowledge, video's, articles and all the great stuff I read on here is the real prize. Finally my last ticket in puts me on the top theory worked after 41 years Now for the shameless plug at (my color) vented B