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  1. Woohooo!! Congratulations Scott!! Er... you do know HOW to fly a Ghost pyro....don't you????
  2. For my $0.02 worth...IF you can find one the Blitz by CdC is an awesome kite...it will trick and it will fly a pretty decent corner too, tracks well and is relatively inexpensive. I think one of the kite shops in Long Beach WA. might still have a couple of them!
  3. Just a thought on the E2...it's a full on trickster and as such has an inherant instability which will affect how the kite corners ... if it's precision cornering that you want you might want to look to more of precision oriented kite... There are several kites out there that will do both tricks and give you really sharp cornering to boot... just depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend!
  4. Hi Rick... Thank you for the invaluable advice! As soon as I get my soldering iron, the brick will appear almost simultaneously! What an awesome idea! As for to "hot cut" or not...I'm with you there...why take the chance? I will also have a rotary cutter and self healing mat (I think... ) but that remains to be seen right now. Again...thanks so much! Oh...if it's easier just call me Aiyana (eye-yana)
  5. I can't go!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
  6. Well Whidbey Islands Festival has come and gone again for another year, it's always my favorite festival, come to think of it, it was my very first festival and competition! This was the first year I'd seen the "Whidbey Fog" and almost no wind at times. (Note: White kites as pretty as they are against a blue sky....really suck in the fog!!) It was so weird as the fog seemed to hang right over the feild and yet a few hundred yards up or down the road it was clear! Maybe God was punishing us kiteflyers??? LOL! I don't think so some how! This year inspite of the fog was a great year there as bot
  7. You might also want to make up a set of extended pigtails for your handles so you have more ability to change the amount of "brake" you have on your EXP. This will also help with inverted flight!
  8. I have looked at soldering irons, wood burners and hot cutters till I'm !! I think...(key word here is think) I'm going to settle on an Unger/Weller soldering pencil with interchangable tips it's not too expensive and heavy duty enough to hot cut and seal the edges on webbing too.... It will also do hot tacking with one additional attachment... here's the link.... http://www.goodwindskites.com/goodwindskit...tools.hotknifes At least this way I can buy it piecemeal and it won't kill me right off the bat! Now...as to what I'm going to build... hmmm... I do need one more RevII to complete my
  9. One kite you might consider IF you can find one is the Blitz by Cavalier du Ciel...it's a wonderful little kite that has a tricksters soul! I think one of the kite shops in Long Beach WA might still have one or two of them!
  10. But some fabrics need to be hot cut....I guess what I want to know is what is a good hot cutter and what tips would I need for both straight cuts and appliques? I've looked at the Engel hot cutter but am not sure I need all that just yet....Some thoughts on it???
  11. Okay....I won a bolt of Texlon at the Whidbey Island Kite Festival and now I want to start building some kites.... So...my question is...what do you use to cut the fabric? I am looking at some sort of wood burning knife or such and was wondering what is generally used for cutting/sealing the material? Also...what do you use to cut on?? Glass?? Okay....so scratch the link I was looking at... it seems there are dozens of different hot cutters out there and as many different prices. Weller makes a nice cheap soldering pencil that apparently works well....as does Engel hot cutters ....but the pr
  12. Yikes!! I hurt just looking at Bob's picture!!
  13. I talked with Bob about his stacks when he came up to White Rock BC for the Wind, Wave and Sea festival and he said then that the big stack almost pulled his arms from the sockets!! Not to mention being very tiring to fly!!
  14. Hi Doug... Sorry it's taken so long to reply but I have a good excuse...I was on vacation!! High in the mountains of Colorado with nary a kite in sight! First, no I didn't add anything to the Rev II stack....YET. I do have one more kite to add and a fifth one coming. As for the lines Penny made up the originals for me and they are 2/3 the length of the leading edge.
  15. Okay...okay...I said it was a silly question!!
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