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  1. Congratulations Walt!, Commiserations to everyone else. But a huge thank you to everyone of you for making it a little esaier for Mr and the future Mrs B to be together. Well done everyone, what a great family we are all part of. Now then,...back to flying Bazzer
  2. Keep em' coming Guys and Galls, because there is nothing cuter than seeing John go all Squishy when she is around. Its worth a ticket or three. Will sign these for the winner......might be worth more without signing LOL. It seems a long time ago that I made these. I was just getting to know John and Ben back then. Had to keep my eye on them HAHAHAHA. Now they are the biggest part in my life....whoda thunk! And thats what its about, Please help John and TK make their dreams come true. Bazzer
  3. wooow, Be at peace my friend, Give Betty a hug from me. Thanks for being a friend when times were hard. Bazzer
  4. Hi Guys the Glued To The Blue clothing range has just gone ballistic on Quad Flyer clothing. Once I started I could not stop. " Thou Shalt own your Hover" "I am Your Quad Father" To Name just a couple. There are shirts hat mugs stickers for Team Flyers and all quad heads. Also available on colored shirts. Glued To The Blue Click on clothing. Enjoy Bazzer
  5. Hi Guys, Just finished the latest website updates and have designed up some shirts for the guys and gals on the line. Check them out. http://gluedtotheblue.com hit the Clothing Button them find the Team Shirts page. More designs coming! Enjoy Bazzer
  6. Some photos would be GREAT if you have the time! I'm a visual kinda person! I'm going to cover this in GREAT HIDEOUSLY BORING DETAIL in the next Kitelife, complete with pics and video I'll do the middle bit for you right now Monks. Once attached! "Wind line round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and...." Bazzer
  7. Lite Beer = dual line kite Nice, dark ale = quad line kite ya, it works I guess. Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, beer dark or light. =single line(we can have a posh drink. Got a spare hand, sometimes 2, so we don't spill) Dual and quad lines always have a ground stake and a wind meter. Single line flyers always have a bottle opener and if they are really serrious...ice ! At the end of the day we all have one thing in common. The bar. Apart from you Iquad sissy's who failed beer 101 at Lincoln City!!!! ("oh! I need my hot tub") Luckily you can always re-sit the exam. Life is full of constant tests! Damn, Damn,damn those exams. I must study harder. Bazzer
  8. Nah missed it! I was just taking some Meteor picks when I looked accross and saw the felony. Next thing I knew he was walking over to the purp. Funny as hell! Bazzer
  9. Your beginning to creak like an old windmill! Happy Birthday Stevey boy! Bazzer
  10. As Jon Wrote in an earlier post. I have been cleaning off all of my kites using Woolite. Warm water and a capfull or two of Wooloite. The detergent is made for delicate fabrics. Let soak for a while a stir around every now and again. Then rinse and drip dry or towel dry. If you don't like the idea of soaking apply with a sponge and lightly scrub then rinse and dry. I use the soaking technique to remove glue stick used in the production process.In conjunction with the warm water it lifts dirt muck and glue from the kite skin. Keeping a kite in good condition for sellling is always a problem for me. The beaches as we all know are not the cleanest places on earth. This process I have found to work very well and has not damaged any of my sails. Including the spray painted ones.(they just soak for an hour or so with out scrubbing ). Hope this cleans up the problem. Bazzer
  11. JD there is another way. The process is known as Dye Sublimation. You can take any digital image and have it printed onto polyester fabric. It would meen having a special built by Rev. Design master also works very well but it sounds like you need abit more flat coverage from the paint to generate a black back ground. Scraan printing works but is heavy. Dye sub isn't. Hope this helps. If you ask Ben he knows a man that can design it and produce it.
  12. I am looking for companies to part rolls of ripstop nylon into 2 and four inch sections. Any suggestions? I want to go direct and not buy it by the foot.
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