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  1. Cheers all, Good point about the brakes Penny! I was probably heaving the anchors on whilst launching. Not clever Your comments inspired me to go scouting around for a pic, and I came across a US site (http://www.windpowersports.com/kites/pkd/buster.html) which includes an instruction manual pdf. Why my kite didn't have one, I can't imagine. The only bit of paper I had with it said little more than, "if you fly the kite downwind of you, it will work better." If you're still interested, there's a few pics of the buster 3.0 here: http://www.virtualkitestore.com/buster_mini_review.htm Thanks for
  2. Howdo, Quick version: I have a quad line kite that's shaped like an eyebrow, and where the lines attach to the kite there are 5 knots on the top two lines. What are they for? Long version: My g/f bought me a 4 line PKD Buster 3.0 for my birthday (good lass). I've not flown a kite since I was 8. We've taken her out about 3 times now, and until yesterday we've had little wind and no joy. Each time we get the kite up, she kinda folds (the kite, not the g/f) or stalls, then just reverses down onto the ground. We figured it was due to no wind. Yesterday (finally) the wind picked up and the kite wen
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