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  1. Interesting - my kite has Hypnotist printed on it and it did come with the DVD. Bought new just this past August... Dave
  2. It's a bit outside your price range, but I would still suggest a Prism Quantum. Great beginner's kite that will do some tricks too. You might also look at a Nexus, also from Prism.
  3. Congratulations on the new baby! All the best to you and your family... I'll have to go with my first-born's birthday Dec 7th, 03:40 AM
  4. I don't have an "A" bag yet, just "the" bag, but I'm working on it In "the" bag: Quantum Quantum Pro Hypnotist 3D Silver Fox 2.5 Std Micron 5-stack Rev 1.5 SLE Spirit Quad *Thanks Kitelife!* Symphony 2.7 On Order: Quantum Pro SUL Wish List: Rev B Nexus 5-stack Zephyr
  5. I have the Hypnotist and I love it. As you noted, it has the shock absorber and I have put it to much good use I have been able to do some tricks with it, but that's really more a matter of my limited skills. I'm sure it is capable of much more than I am at this point. I also just purchased a Quantum, but I have no air time with it yet. It is definitely heavier and will need more wind. I can imagine it would be a bit more rugged than the Hypnotist too. I doubt it will trick as well though, so I am glad I bought the Hypnotist. I got the Quantum mainly for my wife, who finds the Hypno a
  6. Here are the first of what will be many questions What's the right way to think about flight control on the Rev? Does control of the kite rotate around the top of the handle? This is hard to put into words but it seems to me that the top of the handle works somewhat like a combination throttle/yoke. I push or pull the top forward to control speed and then pivot the handle around that top point to control turns. What confuses me, then, is the reverse flying. I could keep the top of the handle in the same place, and rotate the bottoms forward. I could also simply rotate the handle about
  7. I had the opportunity to get out with the Rev 1.5 SLE for the first time. It was an "eye-opening" experience, to say the least. I can see where this is going to be a lot of fun but also a lot of practice. As a record of my progress for my own review, I often throw out a video camera on a tripod and let it record whatever it can see. I've edited up a copy and thrown it on my web server. You're welcome to watch it for a laugh Fair warning - it's pretty big at around 160MB so you may want to save it first. It's a Quicktime MOV file. It runs about 10 minutes, edited down from an hour to sp
  8. I did receive a DVD with the kite, but it really only shows the assembly being done from a wider-angle view, nothing close up. At first, the natural lay of the various caps ended up with me having the verticals on the front, but I could see that was wrong while watching the DVD so I flipped them all over to the back. The bottom caps go equally easily on the front or back of the sail. I was just concerned that the top caps angle off to one side or the other after being rolled to the back of the sail because of the way the bungie runs through them. You can't really see that on the video and I
  9. I took the new kite out and tried putting it together tonight. I think I did it correctly but one question did come up. Do I understand correctly that the vertical spars run behind the sail when I am looking at it with the logo reading in the right direction? The reason I ask is that getting the top retainers for those verticals back over the leading edge seems to impart quite a bit of twist to them and results in the retainer being jammed up next to the disk or washer with the bungie knots in it. This skews the retainer off to one side or the other of the knot bundle. Does that matter? Th
  10. Thanks for all the comments. I was merely trying to point out what seems like a bit of a marketing disconnect on the part of Revolution. The kite came in a nicely compartmentalized poly bag, so I can only assume the company packaged it. As I said, it was my own fault for not reading the description more closely, but the word "package" carries a certain connotation for me, and I suspect for others. I have a set of Laser Pro Gold 90# x 85' on the way which should be here by week's end, so perhaps I will get some flying in this weekend. I got the kite out and put it together tonight, so I wil
  11. Interestingly, I've checked most of the other online shops I deal with and I see none of them carrying a Rev 1.5 SLE "package" that includes line. If it were my company, I wouldn't be advertising this as a package. That brings with it an implication that isn't met. Honestly, what possible good is a package that includes a kite, handles, training exercise documents and a DVD with no flying lines. That's just dumb for a product that is clearly aimed at the novice. The experienced folks will just buy the "Kite only" option.
  12. Came home to find my new Rev 1.5 SLE here today, so I was quite excited to get a look at it and watch the video. After breaking open the package, that excitement was soured when I discovered that the "package" they sell does not include any lines. It seems to me rather stupid to sell packages, which are most likely going to end up in the hands of new flyers like me, that are incomplete. What possible good are two handles and a kite, with nothing to connect them? What should have been a happy evening learning about my new kite has instead left a sour taste in my mouth. In addition to feeli
  13. Thanks to all who replied, both here and in PMs. I have a 2007 SLE package on the way, at a cost of $195. I will order the 3-wrap LE separately once I see how the SLE itself flies and I have a little air-time on the kite. Let the waiting begin...
  14. Unless I am really misreading things, it looks like the 1.5 SLE package can be had for around $200-210 most places. A 3-wrap LE looks to be around $35 or so. So I'd figure $250. Looking at the B series, it looks like they run around $280-290, and that's without lines and such. So I'd figure somewhere around $340-350. Granted, it probably IS a better deal but going the SLE route keeps the initial cost down, in case I don't like it. Besides, I would be nowhere near the skill to begin exploring the B-series limits - it would be money wasted in that sense. Who knows, maybe I'll have to have
  15. Thanks for all the advice - I will go the "SLE with add-on 3-wrap LE" route. The sale at the Kite Shoppe is indeed over, but Theresa was out of Rev SLEs and B-series anyway. I did grab a Prism Quantum Pro at the 40% off price though Couldn't beat that deal. Now the only question is when to buy? I would have said this month, but there's also a Prism Zephyr calling my name now! Decisions, decisions... Dave
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