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  1. Deezer

    Story of a newbie

    I know that I'll wreck at least 2 of those "made in China" kites before I learn anything about flying, crashing is natural for a beginner About the wind... Well there haven't been any wind in my city recently but I have a nice place for flying. 20km away from me there's a hill which is used by Deltaplaners (is this the right word?) to jump. That's where I first flew and where I intend to be flying kite. Just learning for some exams at the university and waiting for the wind
  2. Deezer

    Story of a newbie

    Yes it's 2 lines indeed. Thanks for the tips. It's completely logical to be 5 spins right then 5 spins left but my kite crashes on the first 360 I think it's all about better kite, better lines, better flier. So I'm waiting for some wind to work on the third one and the other two will come someday
  3. Deezer

    Sound tracks?

    I see this is an old theme but it's golden I've flown kite just once but I had the same question on my mind. I think Incubus, Silverchair, Guano Apes, Godsmack and Stone Sour on shuffle would be my soundtrack. Just keep it low, I'd like to hear the sound of the kite
  4. I think this is a suitable place to say the first "Hallo!". So, HI GUYS! I came across a Stunt Kite accidentally. A friend of mine got one as a birthday present and didn't actually like it. So a month later I saw the kite untouched and unwrapped at his villa. I checked it out and assembled it, and it was like: "WOW, that's strange! Why the hell is it like a Delta? I think it's just a matter of design.". So I decided to try flying it The only experience with kites that I had was with one made by my father (wooden sticks + wallpaper) when I was five years old! Not much of XP, huh So i tried to get this futuristic one airborne by running. And it was like 3 hours running up and down a slope hahaha! Then it actually flew and that was the very moment that I fell in love of first flight It was a great experience! I never knew that it was meant for stunts so I was trying to get it as higher, as I could. But it was fine enough for me. So far, so good I even learned that running doesn't help much The next day was "kite googling" day. I found out what it was all about and watched some videos and got cаught in the trap I already have a wishlist also a Bebop & Ying Yang kites. I'm from Bulgaria and sport kites aren't that popular here. I found just one kite club from another city. The only place in my city where they sell kites is an JYSK store (WTF a furniture store?). And they only have one kind of "made in China" kite called Twister ($6.06 a piece). I got one and now I have 2 kites of the same kind for crashing and learning. So now I'm learning out of disappointment. Yesterday had very little wind but I still tried to take out the kite and I couldn't take it off the ground for more than a minute. Yesterday's lesson - stronger and steadier wind! As a newbie I still haven't got many questions but one is a good start. When the kite makes a circle in the air the lines get entangled and it crashes. How do we deal with entangled lines and crashing because of them? (Natural answer is making a circle in the other direction but how? The lines are already entangled and control lost)
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