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  1. If I win them I'm gonna watch antman stack them
  2. until
    For info:http://ec.revclinic.com
  3. Here's the info:http://ec.revclinic.com
  4. Things are moving forward and it looks like march at Wildwood. More details to follow.
  5. CHECK OUT THIS POST AT: http://www.revkites.com/forum/index.php?sh...pic=878&hl=
  6. these would look nice on my progressive stack....
  7. brad

    my quad sticks

    Scott,This is Great.I hope your doing well.
  8. Congrads to Mr.and Mrs. Kingston on their new baby girl. Congrads to all the KITELIFE SUBSCRIBERS who won bonus's too.
  9. another one for the bag
  10. Go fly a kite and enjoy it while you still can.Happy future dadship Kent.
  11. nov 24th 5:59 pm right after the store closes,and you run out to ship kites but have to make a detour to the hospital. Good luck dad
  12. Hummm,the way my luck has been going ,i should be next
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