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  1. recently i'ved bought a J.O.E. (jest of eve) Talon UL with custom sail color choice! the kite is awesome! very trickable & easy to learn new trick.. he knows more than me! (ahahah) if your looking carefully the grey in 2 tone made kind of big #2... the reason... the 26 of April my two twins boy birth! so the kite is dedicated... "concept" for wonder twins team! here's a picture... I ♥ My J.O.E.
  2. Oh! thank you guys for your words! appreciate!
  3. did someone try this kite? good handling? it is the same as Prism Micro in different color? for $210 can is it a good deal?
  4. hi group! here in Quebec now the snow cover the ground... before i'll go fly my revo is there any care or beware to watch? i got both vented & normal b-series so depend condition i'll pick-up the right one... two set of lines #90 80' & 120' good gloves head hotcap one thing... the ground is frost... how to secure the revo?? need a sledge hammer to fix a 12" nail... for ice there's special icescrew for iceclimbing... but for ground? any idea?
  5. i got a 2.5 std and use it as a carrier for a 50' transition tail there's two way to adjust the bridle -3 point mode(precision) or -turbo mode (more trick flying) most of the time for me it's on turbo mode spin more faster! maybe try it before buy it...
  6. congratulations! hihihi... i have a better stat than you ... my girlfreind is pregnant for twins!!! preview for May '08 for that one ... i say euuhh... mmuuhh... 22 december at 5h00 take care!
  7. made up my choice for a 50' transition tail from premier kite. try it today! cool but not good wind condition south-east will be better next time... here's a picture vector line for 115' blue 165lbs flying wing silverfox 2.5 picture by my self...
  8. humm Browndude3649 about your experience it's better a flat tail? than a tube style? i recently bought a FlyingWing SilverFox 2.5 std to use it as carrier... for a tail if i bought a flat tail how long could it be? Gomberg offer 24, 48, 96 foot flat or 55 tube as snake tail... thanks for your help!
  9. hi! i'm looking for a tail for my kite! searching 15 or 20 foot section... so depend the wind condition could ride with two three or four section! what did you recommand? tube style or flat style? wich ø for the tube style is better? how did you know the max lenght the tail could be? the kite will be a flying wings silverfox2.5. is there a kind of ratio between tail & line lenght? thanks,
  10. i'm looking a 2-line kite to ride with a 100' tail -silverfox std 2.5 flying wings -hq tramontana -tricktrack Warm premierkite wanna try other kite than levelone... any good suggestion?
  11. to find the middle point... here's a trick to find it "fast" first go up the window 180° to going down before hit the ground pull full brake maintain that position 180° against then go up the windows when your able to maintain hovering in reverse position... play up & down feel the middle point... than try to pull full brake in the middle of the window... the fun begin!
  12. did you guys have a picture of both b-series std & vented side by side to see the difference? or a close view of the vented one? i'am just curious...
  13. Hi TrilbyMousie! i'ved put your add & site link for description kite bag on our french forum here in Quebec as pndt.ca in the revolution section. here's the link: clic here if it can help...
  14. muuuhhh sorry it's just my first summer of flying kites... in my R-Sky bag... 2lines -LevelOne Genesis Std -Hq symphony 1.4 kind of trainer kite 4lines -Revolution B-Series red & black 1line -3X premierkite penta-cows (3 sisters gang in da sky!!!) -newtech butterfly [very small] (girlfriend one) -i just begin to do axel with the LevelOne -experiment the darkside of revo -let ride the Hq 1.4 for everybody even my Mom for her 70th birthday... she had great time!!!
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