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  1. I have had 2 FC's. Swapped out the FC1 for the FC2 due to manufacturing error. I am not the least impressed with the quality. The dynamic part of the bridle on the 2nd one fell off w/no marks for where to replace it. I've made a new bridle for it and am currently working with it. I instead bought a Silver Fox 2.5 and am absolutely delighted with the way it flies and the quality.
  2. The Acrobatx by Flying Wings was my first stunter. I've broken it, repaired it time and again and it still flies great. That's why I bought their SF 2.5 Std and SF 2.3 UL. The quality of the SF's is unmatched for the price and they both fly great.
  3. The Actorbatx by Flying Wings is what I used. For $80.00 it's a good flyer. It's still in my bag.
  4. Stumbled onto stunt kiting like lot of us, by accident. In May, 2007, I was looking for updated single-line kite plans that I could make for our youngest grandkids. I found a super resource in KiteLife Magazine on-line, ordered a delta plan, and joined KiteLife. The delta was rocking along fine when I rec’d an e-mail from KiteLife informing me I had won an Acrobatx in their monthly drawing (I didn’t even know about the drawings). What the heck is an Acrobatx? Well I found out and after it’s arrival, I became addicted. I bought a Beetle, since I was a beginner so I wouldn’t have to keep repairing the Acrobatx I continually crashed. I got a ITW Whisper UL for the lighter winds and now since I rarely have violent crashes, I just got a NewTech French Connection and can’t wait to fly it.
  5. Thanks for your advice, Dodd. The value of a wind break (shield) didn't appear that great. I searched the net and only found one that attached to the bridle and I wondered too about its trickablility. I guess I'll just have to learn to control my "stunting" addiction for days under 20 mph. I'm anxious to get my FC back from New Tech. Maybe that'll give me the "fix" I need!
  6. I fly inland and spring is coming. We have dirty winds that can vary from 15-35 mph. Can anyone advise on wind brakes/shields for various stunt kites? I currently have an Acrobatx and will be getting a French Connection. Even in lighter winds, we get gusts from 5-15 or 20 mph.
  7. Thanks for all the info, I'll need it. I've met a fellow Kiter in Ruidoso, NM, Bruce DeFoor. Last April he held the first Kite Festival there and I've volunteered to help this year. I've suggested to him that we create kite trains made by kids from 5-9 years of age. The Festival would sell each participant a complete eddy kite kit for $15-20.00. The weekend before the Festival, the kids and their parents would attend 2 seminars, the first to decorate the sail and the second to assemble the kite. The weekend of the Festival, we would create a kite train of their kites and fly it for both days of the Festival. We would be able to tell each participant where their kite is in the train. At Festival close the train would be disassembled and each kite returned to its owner. The purpose would be to raise kiting awareness with these youngsters and their parents while raising a few bucks to defray Festival costs. Since I've never put together a train before, I'll be doing some experimenting and your advice will be invaluable. Thanks again
  8. Kent, thanks a bunch. That sounds simple enough. It'll be next spring when I hope to do this and I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. Thanks, I was hoping a larkshead would be satisfactory. I'm thinking of a 20, 50cm, eddy kite train. Ideally I would like it to be easily disassembled, so each kite can be returned to its owner. So, I was thinking about using a standard eddy bridle and connect the kites w/a specified length of flying line using a Big Kite Bridle Knot to the frame and on the other end, a larkshead to the kites bridle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I found this pdf for Gayla Unicorn. http://www.gaylainc.com/instr/pdfs/740_742...ON%20_INSTR.pdf
  11. How do you properly sew the flying line to each kite in a kite train?
  12. Yep, that'll work. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't some fancy doo-hickey knot. Thanks.
  13. What knot is used to tie the acutal flying line to the loop used to attach to the bridle and the straps? I see the loop has 2 knots and the flying line appears to between them.
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