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  1. I have found a filed that looks like it would be good to fly in. Its just a quater mile from my APT. I have not had a chance with all the rain and work to go and fly at all. The field is on Barrows road just past Albertsons, on the right hand side. I think there going to put a shopping center or homes on it soon. Just thought I would let everyone know.
  2. HillBilly

    Blast plans

    Thanks for that Ken. I will check into that when I have time.
  3. Thanks all....I just got back from a funeral in North Idaho ......I will be looking around Scholls in the next few days. Will let everybody know what I find.
  4. HillBilly

    Blast plans

    I was wondering if you had the plans for the kites for anybody to download?. I just got in to flying but i would like to make my own kite. The joy of knowing that you made and are flying a kite would be great. Thanks.
  5. Last weekend my wife and I went down to Newport,Oregon and thought we would try flying a kite. We are now hooked! . I have been looking over a few forums looking for places to fly without having to drive to the coast. Are there and fields in Beaverton or Tigard? Any help would be nice. I dont get off work till 4pm and the drive to delta park is a killer for me.
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