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  1. Some good points to check,thanks Using the original handles..
  2. My Rev2 just isnt handling correctly as in seems sluggish in turns and sometimes only makes a half turn,i'm assuming the bridle needs adjustment which i'm also having trouble trying to get it right,I was wondering if the bridle is really necessary on this particular quad line kite,can i just fit the lines straight to the spars?? Also if we have any Hawaiian Team Kite pro's do you have any advice or links to a site that would put the bridle back to manufacturers specs as this one i have is also out of whack making the kite slow and sluggish..
  3. From my previous post in the wrong section this post has jogged my memory on those other two Hawaians i have--Team kites. Also a couple of my misc.kites were called Hyper kites, one a two foot delta and the other a set of 3 one footers.I also used to have all of the kitelines magasines but tossed them thinking who else but me would ever read this stuff
  4. I've been out of kite flying for 20yrs or more and have recently been going through my inventory of kites i used to fly and plan on flying again now that i have retired.Perusing the net i notice that some of my kites have become obsolete as in 3 different models of Peter Powell kites including a 6ft triple combo 3 Hawian kites that i forget the model names of two of them the other is a "Spinoff" 3 6ft Flexifoils and one 4ft flexi 1 6ft Rev2 and a 4ft Rev2 And about a dozen other small Delta kites that i have forgotten the names of So what have i missed in 20yrs? What happened to the Peter Pow
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