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  1. Loved my vented SF when the wind was beyond the comfort zone of the standard. Now I've been seduced by the dark side, so haven't flown it for several years. IMO, a great kite for the price range - but I could not compare it with the premium kites since the Silver Foxes were the top end of my dual-line possessions.
  2. I did not find moving from duals to Revs that the muscle memory from one interfered with the other. My theory of why some have complained of problems is that they are free-style dual line fliers who normally do slack-line tricks requiring exacting timing and subtle control inputs that are not appropriate for quads. Those skills may not translate to Revs well (unless you fly like Watty). Just my theory.
  3. My perspective is a little different. The EXP is an excellent first quad primarily due to its low price for a RTF package. As for the SLE leading edge - there is unfortunately a confusion of names in the Revolution kite line. There are SLE kites, which usually have the same standard frame as the EXP (called "3 wrap"), and there are SLE kite frames which have a larger and more robust leading edge. Most fliers, but certainly not all, avoid the SLE frames because they do not have the response necessary for group or competition flying. SLE kites come with either the SLE frame, or the more standard frames. The EXP standard frame is not marked (or at least was not marked a few years ago - check with the dealer about any questions) but was equivalent to the standard "3 wrap" marked with 3 feathers. There are also lighter frames, "2 wrap" and "race rods", heavier frames "4 wrap", and the extra strong frames "SLE", which are available in the SLE kites and the more advanced B-series (Barresi signature) kites. (Hmm - I've not heard of an SLE frame in a B-series kite before.) I broke one leading edge rod on my EXP while learning - which cost about $20 to replace. Moving from the EXP with a standard frame to an SLE and later a B series kite was natural because of the common frame sets. So, my recommendation is to avoid the SLE frame, go for an EXP RTF package, or at a bit higher price range, an SLE (KITE) RTF package with 3-wrap frame. Discuss this with your dealer. If they cannot satisfy your question, then contact any of the dealers that advertise on Kitelife. Your personal situation is probably different than mine - so take advise with caution. P.S. Reviewing Windwarrior's posts, I would guess his perspective is from power/traction kiting. He is correct - the EXP and all the 1.5 size Rev kites are basically for "ballet" or "precision" flying. There are other Rev kites that are much better if you want to explore power kiting. However, a 1.5 size Rev with SLE frame is not a good choice for power kiting either. Instead, look into the Supersonics and several other lines of Rev kites with a solid frame, or maybe a soft frame "foil" (I do not have experience with these - except to briefly fly a supersonic. I am WELL over the half-century mark, and do not need to wrestle with a powerfully pulling kite to have my fun. Thus, my experience may not be applicable.) Check out the Revolution Kite forum to see what most other Rev fliers are doing. Enjoy - you cannot make a bad decision.
  4. 50# 80' just seems right (to me) with both Rev II full sail and B2 mid-vent - even in heavy wind the B2 mid-vent flies light and responsive. (and quick)
  5. Have to earn my tuition soon, before the class is closed! ($1 a day x umph...)
  6. Oh YES!!! With that recommendation I can't help but win! (Am I the oldest guy here at 68.999? Birthday in a week or so.) Gotcha beat, Pete. 70.074 Now let's all concentrate on the RNG - OOOLLLDDD, OOOLLLDDD.
  7. Hmm - guess I'm late. Still, I would love to see John interprete some "Blood, Sweat and Tears." Especially "And When I Die" (actually ends very upbeat), has nice short instrumental intro (before launch?) some great tempo changes, including the up tempo finale which happens as somewhat of a surprise - stick that and the the crowds will cheer.
  8. Beautiful kite. I've never seen the Yin-Yang symbol elaborated to three levels before. Cool!
  9. I have an anemometer, but it no longer registers correctly. So, I am thrust back on my own rules of thumb. These work mainly on a beach, as you will see. a. Do I feel wind on my back when I walk downwind? If so, the wind is 4-5 mph or more. If not, it is less than my walking speed and an ultra-light is suggested. b. Walking upwind, does the wind feel stronger than when standing still? If so, it is probably less than 10 mph - I cannot feel the difference between say 8 and 12 mph easily. c. On the beach, is the sand moving? Dry sand starts moving around 12 mph - break out the mid-vent. d. If the whole sand surface seems to be moving, 18 mph and up - full vent weather. e. You definitely will know when the wind is 20 mph and up. Little dunes and valleys start building around everything on the surface of the sand. On grassy fields, if the surface starts moving, I would probably start praying and running like heck. Actually, the real velocity of the wind is less important than whether it is ultra-light, normal, or vented kite weather. (The figures above are what I think I remember when the anemometer was working - I was quite accurate for a while, but now I'm probably quite far off the actual MPH.) So, on the low end, I use the feel of the wind relative to my walking speed, and on the medium and high end, the movement of the surface of the dry sand. Wet sand (below the surf line) aught to stay in place.
  10. Great looking kite. I assume that the symetric shape redefines 'forward' and 'backward' as 'red-ward' and 'black-ward'. Had I enough flying time available, it looks like a hoot to try out.
  11. D: Dear, Darling, Devoted, Dutiful, Dedicated, Devine, Durable, Dextrous, Devotee, Delightful, Dreamy, Dapper, Debonair, - Well, photomom has quite the partner!
  12. Trade Rev 1, fairly modern and nice colors, for the 1.5 four panel? (Bigger is more 'spensive!)
  13. The current Alpha+ looks like this, from Into The Wind Kites: I suspect the Alpha kite you are talking about is the model that caused the newer model to be called a "+", if you get my drift. And the Alpha+ is not exactly a new model - although it is still a fine kite. IOW, there may be minor or major differences between an Alpha and an Alpha+. Did you try contacting Flying Wings Kites? Post a picture - I'm curious.
  14. Alpha + from Flying Wings is still being sold, although the sail pattern is different now. I have the older sail pattern as shown in John's photo - bought the kite on eBay a few years ago, and it came with some spare spars (or is it spar spares?) Let me know which spars are needed, and I can check if I have them. Also I would not be surprised if Flying Wings still sells them (spare spars that is.) Cheers,
  15. Tomcat, I like the old classic 1.5 - black, red and blue. The four panel layout may look dated, but I think it looks classy, like a 57 Chevy. There was one on eBay that did not sell. Was that yours? I would have bid on it, or have offered you more than the eBay price --- EXCEPT, I have just busted my kite budget for 2011 and 2012. Luckily my wife has patience, or I would be sleeping in the pickup truck for a month. (Actually, wife and I have weekly allowances. As long as we stay within our allowance, the other cannot complain about any purchase. Gifts to each other come out of our allowances, so they really are personal. I have to build my allowance credit back up before more kites come to live with us.) Best of luck on recirculating these great kites, "Tom".
  16. That's too bad - it was a great shop with many good kites. However, let me give a shout out for "Ocean Shores Kites" where I obtained my trio of Silver Foxes. They work to promote kite events in the area, and are very knowledgeable and helpful. When Cutting Edge was still in business, I tended to like Ocean Shores a little better - selection, friendliness, energy. As for my favorite store - sorry, I don't have a favorite. But I would be very sad if The Kite Shoppe were not there, or MidWest Kites, or Into the Air, or Kite Connection, or Above It All (for sale right now BTW), or several other shops that elude my memory right now, but with which I have had extremely satisfying dealings. Actually, I have only met one kite shop that I did not like - and it can remain nameless because I am sure that if you have visited more than two kite shops, you would recognize that shop as not worthy of patronage.
  17. Um... There appears to be no link at "View Video". P.S. Please delete this noise message after the link is fixed.
  18. If you have a choice between a Chevy and a Porsche, consider several factors. If you are learning to drive, is a Porsche really going to teach you more? After you learn to drive, and can afford a Porsche, are you really going to junk the Chevy, or use it to go grocery shopping? EXPs fly pretty well. I put mine aside AD (after addiction) for a year or so to fly my newer (and more expensive) SLEs and B series. Then I broke out my poor neglected EXP and flew it again to become re-acquainted. I now keep it in my car in case of "decent winds" here in the land of very poor winds, and also to let friends and relatives get a taste of quad kite flying, without endangering the kites I cannot afford to replace. The EXP is a solid, decent flying kite that does not have to be relegated to the dust bin AD (after addiction) when you purchase your stable of better kites. But, BD (Before Addiction), it can teach you the basics as well as any of the kites. The fabric also seems more robust (rip-stop nylon?), although heavier and probably less dimensionally stable. Does that all sound like better beginner's kite? Does to me. So, if you can afford the better SLE, or B, or even B-Pro kites - go for them. But only if you know that you are going to be a devoted quad flier. To sample the experience, and learn the basics, the EXP will do very well. Myself, I have my original EXP, an SLE, two B's, and two second hand Rev IIs, and one second hand Rev 1. See how that all cascades? For a beginner, I would suggest the 1.5 size (EXP et. al). When you want new experiences, the Rev II (hey, new B-2s look really neat - want, want) are a kick with faster response. As for the Rev I, I'll let you fly mine for the experience. My personal take on these basic size choices: Rev II - think (somewhat twitchy) sports car. (B-2 reputed to be less twitchy) Rev 1.5 - think (great handling) sedan. These are the general workhorses because they work (fly) so well. Rev I - think 1 ton truck. OK, slow and majestic if you want to think of them that way.
  19. Micron in moderate winds is my reflex trainer. Wouldn't try it in those winds - pleading age related paucity of video game experience. Reminds me, though, the next time there are some heavier winds, to try the tail. Very Kowl Mick.
  20. TNX for all the prize drawings, JB. But, please remember that **I** have 48 years software development experience, just in case you need a new RNG. Congratulations beechbreeze.
  21. Every time I post an "I want kite" message, I don't win. So I am NOT going to post any message in this thread!
  22. TA-DA, Thank you, thank you, thank you. ------------------- Just trying a little psychology myself, as we await the drum roll finale.
  23. I have an HQ Galago, which is, as I understand it, very similar. I was told the Galago "replaced" the Tramontana with minor changes. They were both designed for ballet, not free-style. The Galago is one of my favorite kites. It is a very graceful ballet kite, in my opinion - responsive and fun to fly. But it is not designed for tricking. I don't trick, so that suits me fine. If you want a free style kite, you could do much better. Actually, most or all decent free style kites are probably much more recent designs than 2001. I see Teresa at the Kite Shoppe is selling Tramontanas, so you could get a better opinion from her, as well as other suggestions. If you want a great ballet flier, you will not be disappointed, however.
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