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  1. Hello,

    It really depends on what you want you new kite to do. If you want to up grade to a kite that can do all the trick I suggest the Flying Wings Silver Fox 2.5 std. This kite is awesome in all types of winds and has a wingspan of 98" and is pretty affordable. Another is the Prism Nexus this is a pretty cool little kite; it has a wingspan of 60". You also have the HQ Maestro with a 90" wingspan.

    There are so many nice kites out there it is very hard to pick just one. :blink:

  2. I agree with every thing windofchance posted yesterday, for the price though the Silver Fox STD 2.5 is the best deal out there. I actually had my SF out yesterday in about 10mph winds and it flew marvelous. The SF comes factory set on the brindle called 3 points mode, but it is also set up with color coded beads for adjusting to what SF calls Turbo Mode. Turbo is for more tricks, and is very easy to change over to.

    I hope this helps!! :)

    High Mountain Kites!!

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