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  1. Thats one Very nice looking cody Box boy, it's a shame I'm the other side of the pond otherwise I'd be on your tail for one of those. I was told Gomberg have now got a forum on their site. hoping that individual artists get on there. It is very awkward to know what is out there unless you have the funds to travel around the world to the different festivals. someone earlier mentioned a website that advertising individual builders kites for sale could you or they post the address please.
  2. jay

    My SLK's

    Just my Slk's
  3. jay

    Martello Tower Clacton

    My kites of various types, Well mainly Revs
  4. jay

    Dunstable Downs

    dunstable downs kite fest
  5. jay

    Vented Rev B

    I'm still learning with my Rev's but the vented B is a lot smoother than the non vented, I am getting race rods for it as soon as I can afford them. I have both the B's and the Vented is always first out just in case I can get some wind in it.
  6. Believe it or not never had a single line kite, always a first
  7. jay


    pics of Blackheath kite festival 2010
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