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  1. Just returned from the Wildwood Kite Festival and discovered my teenage daughters had a great time learning to fly dual line stunt kites. While there, i pulled out a couple of old beetles to let them practice but that didn't last long. On both of them, the spreader connection broke after a couple of collisions. So now I'm in the market to replace them. I've had the Beetles for awhile and was wondering if any of you would chime in with first-hand experience with any new beginner models released since the Beetles. I'm looking for a delta, two-line stunter with a good wind range, not too quick, preferably under $80. Thanks in advance, Phil
  2. windofchange, One of the thing I enjoy doing is to have the quad spin in place like a trick bowtie. Does this mean the LD Stunt won't do that? And thanks for mentioning that the newer foils generate a lot more pull than their older cousins. I did not realize that. I know the kind of pull my old Quadrifoil 25 can sustain and was thinking I should go with the Little Devil 2.1. Now I'm thinking the LD Stunt 1.5 might be better suited for me. Just enough pull without giving me tendinitis (no joke - it happened to me once! It took 2 months of physical therapy before my arm felt normal again). I know it's always best to try before you buy but the nearest kite shop is 4 hours away so I'm not near anyplace where I can test drive any of the kites mentioned above. That's why I'm using the forums in the first place. Please let me know what you mean by the bowtie effect as I do enjoy the spinning in place and want to know if that's what you mean. Thanks, Phil
  3. Hey Mike, Just the kind of thing I was looking for! Looks like I have some homework to do now. If I can google some opinions or reviews, I can narrow down the field. Thanks,
  4. Thanks Mike for your views on traction kites. I'm sure traction kiting is a lot of fun, it's just not what I'm looking for. And Yes, I am looking for a good brand name - not a cheap knock off that doesn't perform as expected. Now, if you can tell me which of those brands you mentioned has a smaller version (say, 15 square feet or more) that's not meant to be used for traction but performs well, will not collapse easily at the edge of the wind window, has no spars and allows sail, bridle and handles to be stuffed into a sack; I can begin to make some decisions. All the hype on the manufacturer's web pages is just confusing. That's why I'm looking to this forum for help. And I'm still waiting to hear from everyone who enjoys non-traction, quad foils, too. I know I can't be the only one! Anybody out there??? Or is there another web site I should be checking?
  5. Well Doug, It doesn't look as if this forum gets much activity. I'm amazed that there hasn't been a response yet. I see most of the posts are related to Revs. I have a rev, too, but I enjoy other quads. I'm wondering if quad foils have lost their popularity? I find it very convenient to be able to have a packable kite with some decent pull. Anybody out there have any recommendations or can steer me to someplace that does kite reviews? I checked here at kitelife.com but didn't see any kite reviews at all. I remember when it first started, kite reviews was a regular feature. I wonder why it stopped? Too many sponsors not wanting to hear others opinions?
  6. Hi all, I'm an infrequent flyer but have been flying for many years. I have a few quadline kites including a rev but want to spend some $ on a new one. I'm looking for a foil. I already have an old Quadrifoil 24 I've had since the early 90's and enjoy it immensely, especially the pull and the compact design of a quad foil. I'm thinking that by this time, there have been many improvements that would allow for greater maneuverability and better wind range. I've checked web sites and see there are a lot of quad foils out there. I just don't see many user reviews and need help in making a decision. I am NOT looking for a power kite to pull a buggy or board. This is just for fun. Having said that, I don't mind getting pulled around some. I'm open to your suggestions. Thanks, Phil
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