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  1. Love2fly

    LOGO contest! :)

    Hello all... Awesome logos! Too bad I don't have the computer skills to enhance my ideas. It does make a huge difference! Congrats to you all for your efforts.
  2. Love2fly

    Good ol' boys Club

    Hi Exile.... Hello, from NJ.... I've been flying Revs for a little over three years. I'm a member of the Rev Riders. I fly regularly at Liberty State Park, NJ. There are a few ladies that fly out of the New England area, also; with one being on a team that goes waaaaay back; she even owned a kite shop, back "in the day". I know I've seen you on the Rev Forum, right? I'm curious to know how you missed all of the ladies that post on there. While the numbers are relatively low compared to the guys, we're out there. Like TK noted, it's possible that some females don't like the environment of flying.... though I love it! Others might not be aware of the sport kites at all. Even after all the flying I've done and spoken about, some of my extended family still think or picture my kite flying as a child running with a kite- the usual cliche! Hope this helps you out. Maybe I'll see/meet you out there. If you're ever in the NY/NJ area, give a shout out on the Rev Forum. The Jersey Crew is happy to fly with anyone; especially friends from the Forum! Have a great day. "
  3. Love2fly

    Zen (1/25/11)

    Hey babe- Sweeeeeeet!!! This would be awesome to share when someone needs one for the afternoon (usually not too long as the winds tend to pick up after someone one up) Thanks for the opportunity.
  4. Love2fly

    Who made this kite?

    Only a guess... Mike Mossman? He's so talented!
  5. Love2fly

    RAFFLE: Original Masterpiece Prototype Revs *SOLD OUT*

    Congrats, Walt.... I would Love 2 fly them at WSIKF....think it could be arranged? Looking forward to meeting you, TK-
  6. Love2fly

    RAFFLE: Original Masterpiece Prototype Revs *SOLD OUT*

    Hi John- Glad to help you lovebirds... Honestly, will be a bit "more glad" if one of my numbers are picked ! xoxo to you both!
  7. Love2fly

    Kite simulator software download

    Hi... After changing the language preference to English, I clicked on Kite Simulator and nothing came up but an Google page.
  8. Love2fly

    Windy With Watty

    Hi John- I don't know if this helps you, but I found this from Monday at Wildwood, 2008, as the weekend came to end.
  9. Love2fly

    Pop quiz!

    Cool stuff. I would love to see him dogstaking that in person!
  10. Love2fly

    Pop quiz!

    Hey John... A few answers: 1. John Barresi with a mask on 2. OPK... and an old one! 3. The facial expression reminds me of Rich trying to catch his Rev; although, not quite as intense! 4. Serious for a moment, it looks like he could have made it a quadline. 5. I'm waiting for a the homeowner across the street to tell me where he lives... if he knows ... and then I can tell everyone. Just being silly, but with a very short flying career as opposed to you Veterans I haven't begun to scratch the surface of the kiting history. I think it's great that you did this. Like any other sport, there's always flashbacks (at the ver least) to pay homage to the greats of their game, we should do the same. (IMHO) I would have guessed Lee Sedwig, the only old kite I know by name is a Hawaiian, and I'd guess San Francisco. Keep the history lessons coming....I enjoy the education, Thanks.
  11. Love2fly

    B-Series Vented

    Just want to wish everyone the best of luck for this raffle. Thanks for some winter excitement, John!
  12. Love2fly

    B-Series Vented

    Sweet deal, John... Thank you.