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  1. layangman

    1.5 SLE + SUL - Train order?

    Hi All, Am planning on stacking 8 REV 1.5 SUL. Is there any photo or drawings to show the actual stacking lines? I understand it is 5 points to connect the train. Since the new SULs come with 3 wrap LE, I will be using these for the first 4 - 5 kites, will this be strong enough? Appreciate any inputs. Patrick
  2. layangman

    airWave zero

    Just received my Airwave and Aerobe Had fun with the Aerobe today, flown outdoor on indoor settings as there was no wind at all. Its my first time flying such a kite....what a refreshing feeling...single liner doing slow over the head, turning at the end of the line only to glide back! Very fun kite indeed. Airwave, still yet to take it out for some airtime.
  3. layangman

    Dihedral Active Bridle

    Best if you could first do the dihedral, then add an activator leg to make it tetrahedral, feel for yourself the results, if there's a diff. I may have slipped up in my construction, hence the little or no difference. Cuurently am busy or would have made another just for kicks!
  4. layangman

    EOLO Sports Kites

    Anyone here flown Eolo's NEOX or OVER? Would appreciate reviews if any.
  5. layangman

    Dihedral Active Bridle

    I've tried both, maybe its just me, but can't really tell the difference between the tri and di.
  6. layangman

    Dihedral Active Bridle

    Yup, I did the dihedral active bridle qas explaqined by Andy's website. Superb modification, made the tracking that much better and the tricking was also not compromise, in fact much better! I constructed the whole bridle from scratch, but I added an out-haul, just for kicks to seee if I tweaked it, there;s any diff....well it does;)
  7. layangman

    Intermediate Kite

    Hi, I know this thread's been more than 2 years! But I just started flying my Mohawk UL. Compared to another kite I have, the Mohawk seems reluctant to Fade or Flic Flac. Anyone here knows if a weight may be added to make this easier? Cheers. Patrick
  8. layangman

    Tail weight`s

    Yes indeed, I added a small weight by using a spare spar to spar connector, slot it into the spine, into the other hole of the connector, I added a small solid steel rod. I can easily change the weight by using different length steel rods on the fly;)
  9. layangman

    clock turns and extended handles

    Had to refresh this topic and John's awesome video... This is a post that all us newbees should take a look at! Something else! You make me smile! Jynx, check out this trick Rev video: RevTrickSchoolDIVX Download the video file and enjoy!
  10. layangman

    clock turns and extended handles

    Hi Penny, Thanks for the I know why some pilots move their arms like paddling a bicycle Will definitely try out....
  11. layangman

    clock turns and extended handles

    WOW!!! That is Thanks....will try your technique tips.
  12. layangman

    clock turns and extended handles

    Great tip! Thanks...will try it out later today
  13. layangman

    clock turns and extended handles

    Hi All, I have a Rev 1.5. I can do the basics, no problem at all. Now attempting to do the more "deliberate and slower" moves like clock turns. Currently, it always ended up as a fast spin how is this controlled? Has it got to do with using extended handles? If so, what are the advantages of extended handles? Cheers,
  14. layangman

    REV 1.5 (non-stock) frame

    Hi Penny, the P200 framed REV II is now one of my kites that gets the most air time! Although not as fast as stock frame, it flies on much lighter wind, hence my inclination to re-frame the 1.5:)
  15. Hi, Was thinking of changing my REV 1.5 to Skyshark frame, what would be appropriate? I've changed my REV II to P200 Skyshark, but not sure if it'll work for REV 1.5. Any inputs appreciated. Good winds, Patrick